Beyond Charlie Hebdo: cartoonists around the world facing persecution

Cartoonists constantly face persecution, death threats and abuse worldwide and this year, the attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead, showed just how dangerous their job can be.

These threats are the same faced by print and broadcast journalists who report on sensitive subjects, a new report by Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has said.

Provocative images, such as those of Prophet Mohammed, are widely available because of the internet, reaching bigger audiences, thus making the cartoonists more likely to be attacked.

  • simus1

    Everyone who goes into harm’s way like those victims of the musloons at Charlie Hebdo should at least have an inkling that they need to take serious measures to protect themselves from the lunatics and fanatics that increasingly infest our everyday world.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The crazies have won and we can thank the spineless goverments of the west for that.

    • Glenfilthie

      They’ve certainly won a battle, I suppose. But then again, they were shooting at unarmed fwench leftist twinks with big mouths and turd for brains. The war hasn’t even started yet – but it will!
      They tried the same thing with Pam Geller in Texas and the result was very different: two dead mudflaps, and a bunch of happy Texans showing their marksmanship skills.
      Moslems are liars, thieves, cheats – and most of all, cowards. As soon as we realize and understand that and treat them accordingly – the jihad is over.

  • I propose an “International Islam awareness and cartoon day”.

    If should be celebrated on September 11th each year.

    To get the ideal rolling, US gun clubs and owners could start the celebration, in thousands of locations, with Koran shoots. The highlights should include “Koran skeet shoots”. The “skeet” should be made of specially ground up Koran and pig fat.

    Muslims would not like it. Too bad. And this is the reason for the whole thing.

    Islam is nothing more than an oddball form of a widely distributed, slow go, low grade warfare against non-Muslims.

    The “International Islam awareness and cartoon day” should be a widely distributed form of push-back.

    Islam needs a widely distributed stick in the eye. Muslims need to be embarrassed by the facts of Islam.

    It is long overdue to break up the Islamic cult.