UK: Diversity Officer May Lose Job After Tweeting ‘kill all white men’

The Goldsmiths diversity officer embroiled in a racism row could lose her job after allegedly tweeting with the hashtag “kill all white men”.

Bahar Mustafa, the university union’s welfare and diversity officer, caught the media’s attention after telling white people and men not to come to an event about diversifying the curriculum.

She then defended her position on camera, saying ethnic minority women cannot be racist as they “do not stand to gain” from inequality.

  • David Murrell

    I though advocating the “killing of white men” would, for diversity officers, lead to a cushy, well-paid promotion up the ranks.

    • I am certain it does in Ontario.

      • just a thought

        …more of a consulting than a staff position?

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s the ‘white’ part. Feminists don’t discriminate so don’t tar them with that brush. If she said ‘kill all men’ she’d be given a promotion.

    • She “May” lose her job, imagine if a white guy tweeted “kill all white women”.

      • MRHapla

        The homo-guys have a substantial percentage of vagina-haters,,,,,

    • BaharMustafa

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  • El Martyachi

    She can pick up where Ghomeshi left off at CBC.

  • A professional victim, looking for an opportunity to claim victimhood, combined with just a touch of white, sexual dysfunction, a chip on her shoulder, with a nose ring and what do you have? Bigot bitch.

  • Dana Garcia

    Diversocrat women like the nose-ring gal benefit enormously from the appearance of inequality if they can snare a gig promoting the scam.

    For example UC Berkeley’s Diversity office has a budget of $17 million.

  • pdxnag

    Qualitatively, Affirmative Action (anti-White, by law) in the US is as racist as Apartheid South Africa. It reflects and amplifies non-White racist attitudes, and indeed incites it to its logical conclusion that is best captured as the Kill Whitey Koalition (KWK). The racists call it diversity. It is mandatory racism that all non-White folks must possess and parrot. (And it is suicidal for any white man to object.)

    Only a non-White can say kill Whitey, just as only a black can use the “N”-word.

  • mauser 98

    and rehired by another government gulag at twice the wage if fired

  • MRHapla

    Bring it. We run the world,,,we are never run over. In case you hadn’t noticed,,,,,,,

  • MRHapla

    When did Zooey Deschanel get a nose ring and become such a hate filled adorkable???

  • Rosenmops

    Here she is looking very white with a “Violent anarchists for communism” shirt.

    Also a picture of a building at Goldsmith University. Not sure if there was explosion or if that is supposed to be some sort of art.

    Both pics from DM:

  • just a thought

    The nerve! Killing ONLY white men? Where’s the diversity?! She’s definitely got to go.

  • Leftism is a mental illness: Proof #3,000