RCMP Do A Disservice To Canadians By Preventing 10 Wannabe Sadists From Joining Muslim Murder Cult

Update – RCMP arrest 10 Montrealers suspected of trying to join jihadist groups

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Muslim Terrorism: wave of preventive arrests

The RCMP conducted over the past days in the Montreal region the biggest wave of preventive arrests on terrorism in Canada since the fall of attacks, learned La Presse .

According to several sources, the police put the collar of at least half a dozen young lest they leave Canada to join the ranks of jihadist groups.

The arrests come just weeks after those two students Maisonneuve college, Mehdi El Jamali and Djermane Sabrine, 18 years each, who were accused of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act abroad but also to have had in their possession of explosives for criminal purposes. They pleaded not guilty.

Let them go, just don’t let them back.

Why do we have to bear the burden of providing for these twisted monsters?


  • Alain

    So instead of allowing them to commit their savagery elsewhere, we ensure that it happens here.

  • Everyone Else

    All these jokers are from Quebec. Quebec is the headquarters of Al Qaeda In the Maghreb (AQIM). Quebec knew what it was up against when it tried to install the Charter. English Canada pissed on Quebec for being prescient.

    • Alain

      Quebec by insisting on only “immigrants” either speaking French or having a working knowledge of French brought this upon themselves. Their proposed charter was an attempt to close the barn door after the horses had bolted.

      • Petrilla

        I understand the UN wants Quebec to take many from Niger, Francais, you know, what will be the outcome?

        • Minicapt

          Improvements in Francophone culture and achievements?


  • Jay Currie

    I’d suggest a Canadian military plane be dispatched to pick up all who want to go.

    Then, as it hits Syrian airspace, some burly lads from the forces toss the now “enemy combatants” out the rear cargo door. Problem solved.

    You wouldn’t even need to land in Syria.

  • Ho Hum

    It’s almost as if our “leaders” in Ottawa want us to be attacked. The attack on Ottawa last year was committed by a jihadist who had his passport revoked.

  • Ho Hum

    duplicate post

    • Jimbo

      Hey HH – its me Jimbo from the tvbythenumbers late night thread. So i’m not sure if you saw recent comments on that thread from today (May 21st) but an account named “Rene” has been trolling on me for weeks now (initially why i deleted my account last week) but i decided to reactivate it for Dave’s finale night. Well Rene this time got me blocked from tvbythenumbers… stating that i was a troll, etc.. which i obviously am not. The moderators for tvbythe#’s must have believed her & now i’m blocked from commenting on all their threads. Can you please state in a comment on the late night tv thread that i was framed (just so my respect/credibility isn’t tarnished by all u guys whom i adore commenting with). Maybe u can even “flag” or report the “Rene” account too for framing me & for being a huge troll. – Its very frustrating – i don’t know what to do. Made a new “jimbo” account but i’m still blocked… thank god i found u on this thread (i googled you & the other veteran commenters from that thread – thank goodness your account isn’t private so i can see where u commented LOL) – Anyway, sorry for this rant – hope something can be done- i’ll miss that thread
      God Bless you HH

  • barryjr

    You had the perfect comment “Let them go, just don’t let them back” nothing else needs to be said or done.

    • Frau Katze

      That seems ideal to me. Perhaps the Syrians themselves wouldn’t be happy if we let people go there eh masse, though.

  • Petrilla

    Get them out of Canada forever, take away their passports and let them go. Why should Canadian taxpayer dollars pay for them in prison. FOAFM

  • simus1

    Internment somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Northern Quebec should be their fate and that of anyone else so inclined. Instead of them burdening the infidel taxpayers in expensive prisons, let’s turn the tables on the unintelligent muslim jihadi fanatics.