RCMP Do A Disservice To Canadians By Preventing 10 Wannabe Sadists From Joining Muslim Murder Cult

Update – RCMP arrest 10 Montrealers suspected of trying to join jihadist groups

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Muslim Terrorism: wave of preventive arrests

The RCMP conducted over the past days in the Montreal region the biggest wave of preventive arrests on terrorism in Canada since the fall of attacks, learned La Presse .

According to several sources, the police put the collar of at least half a dozen young lest they leave Canada to join the ranks of jihadist groups.

The arrests come just weeks after those two students Maisonneuve college, Mehdi El Jamali and Djermane Sabrine, 18 years each, who were accused of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act abroad but also to have had in their possession of explosives for criminal purposes. They pleaded not guilty.

Let them go, just don’t let them back.

Why do we have to bear the burden of providing for these twisted monsters?