“No, I will not check my privilege”

“Check your privilege” and “educate yourself” are empty terms that SJWs to try to silence their opponents, says Lauren Southern.

  • What privilege?

    Unlike these gated white liberals whose dads bought them everything, I had to put my shoulder to the wheel.

    • My lower working class background was a cakewalk of privilege;)

    • Bataviawillem

      I think they mean the privilege to pay taxes.

      • WalterBannon

        The privilege to be the default victim of institutionalized socialist racism.

      • I think that particular privilege should be for leftists only.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I agree with her completely in that the system since the 80’s has gotten more and more unequal. In Canada using Mel Hurtig’s example does show that life was better prior to the 80’s based on living standards because back then one could pay for a house very easily and only one income was enough to do so. Getting into the middle class was virtually instant. Us in the Millenial generation do blame governments for their decisions and people on BCF continuously think the system is working as it should. Well it is for those with money offshore and at the top refusing to invest. Ya the system is working as it should and the government just wants to leave things as is. The mainstream meaning major parties everywhere just argue over small things but they refuse to change. That is why radical policies need to be implemented meaning restructuring of systems, nationalizing industries, getting money away from the top, tariff implementation and finally ending wars and bringing our troops home. Also we need to invent new industries and be innovative without anyone tax cuts for the rich. It can all be done without much raising taxes but with understanding economics and the direction that Russia and China made in the past decade.