Muslim man beat daughter he thought was gay

A Muslim man repeatedly beat his teenage daughter with an umbrella when he thought she may be gay, and had a photo of a man having his throat cut hung up in the lounge.

The man and his wife – who both have name suppression to protect their children – today pleaded guilty to a raft of child abuse offences when they appeared at Auckland District Court this morning.

He admitted 16 counts of abuse, including hitting and slapping his six children, and striking a child with a horse whip, while his wife pleaded guilty to two counts of assault on a child.

One of his victims was aged just 5 at the time, and another an infant aged 1.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hmm, those are some large pixels, challenging to the imagination.

  • Gary

    Don’t expect Susan G Cole to denounce this as part of Islamic homophobia because she love to take these attacks and blame the 97% for it , or in this case label it Domestic abuse by oppressive males that are born prone to violence.

    The Feminists at NAC still refuse to see the Montreal slaughter to 14 female students by Gamil Gharbi as an islamic inspired Jihad to punish Canada for letting them go to school which offended allah .
    Gamil’s suicide letter was kept from the public along with his links to Sharia law as the Son of a Algerian muslim father that abused women whihc was sanctioned by the quran.
    Naomi Klein claims she became a Feminist in her youth because of the 1989 killings by Gamil, she didn’t know he used Marc Lepine to blend
    in at school and hide his past of ties to sharia law and misogyny .
    Klein now shows up at pro-hamas rallies that are in the guise of Free-palestine events and yet the Sharia law used to murder 14 female students by Gamil is the same Sharia used by hamas that would slit her throat in a heart beat for being Jewish and just for being a Lesbian.