Iraqis shut gates of Baghdad to desperate families fleeing terror

Over 20,000 innocent Iraqis are stranded in a deadly no man’s land between ISIS militants in Ramadi and potential safety in Baghdad 60 miles to the east, where they are cruelly being refused entry.

The terror group yesterday slaughtered over 500 people to seize control of Ramadi – their biggest military victory in over a year – before holding a a twisted celebratory parade.
The thousands who were forced from their homes are now living in the open – many without shelter and dwindling aid – in small towns like Amiriyat Fallujah on the outskirts of Baghdad.

Iraq’s military will not allow them to cross the Euphrates river and into the city because it can not confirm they are not ISIS militants, aid agencies in Baghdad have told MailOnline.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A ‘palestinian’ goat fell in a ditch. Let’s focus our efforts at excoriating the Jews and demanding their utter extermination in the name of peace and tolerance. This Baghdad thing? Pfft who fucking cares?

  • Take a population group. Add Islamic theology. What do you get?

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  • mauser 98

    a mile long train of ISIS trucks crosses open desert to Ramadi and no attacks.
    they know they will not be bombed from drones , aircraft.
    lots of drone strikes Yemen, Pakistan etc.
    ISIS is Obama’s army