International Labor Organization says only one-fourth of the world’s workers have solid jobs

Not a chance that this man would be able to afford to live in London.

The International Labor Organization report revealed a clear shift away from reliable full-time jobs, as short-term contracts and irregular hours become more widespread.

ILO chief Guy Ryder said the shift was contributing to the “widespread insecurity” affecting many workers worldwide.

The dwindling share of steady jobs comes against the backdrop of soaring global unemployment, with 201 million people jobless last year, 30 million more than before the 2008 financial crisis, ILO said.

The organization’s main annual report, covering more than 180 countries and 84 percent of the global workforce, said a full three-quarters of workers have temporary or short-term contracts, held informal jobs or were in unpaid family work.

Among workers who earn salaries, only 42% have permanent contracts, said the ILO’s 2015 World Employment Social Outlook Report titled The Changing Nature of Jobs.

In such conditions, working is no guarantee of prosperity…

Even in the countries where work has been ‘offshored’ it seems that finding a steady, reasonably well-paid job is a problem.  

In the West, mass immigration and automation have also contributed to this dismal situation.