Getting Away with It: What Has Happened to Rule of Law?

A veteran of the 1968 protest movements once confided what, looking back, troubled him about his generation’s rebellion. “All young people rebel.” he said. “What is strange is that our parents’ generation gave in.” It is a sentiment that could just as easily be applied to modern Britain, if not the West. It is not surprising that people do bad things. What is surprising is that so many institutions and authorities allow them to get away with it.

Take the Rotherham child sexual abuse scandal. This is just one of a large number of cases around the UK where groups of men — whom the media identify as “Asian” but who are almost entirely Muslims of Pakistani origin — have been found to have selected young non-Muslim white girls, often in care homes, and subjected them to multiple rapes. It is sadly to be expected that there will always be people seeking to prey on the young and vulnerable. But the question that hangs over Rotherham — and which even the latest independent review could not fully answer — is why so many people got away with these crimes for so long.

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  • k

    The SIXTIES Generation were the generation that created the…
    By the 1970’s THE MEDIA Could make or break you!
    STOMPIN’ TOM sure had a hard time of it
    NO BOY BAND COULD MAKE IT AS LONG AS THE BEATLES/ROLLING STONES after that… (it takes a lot of creativity to keep spinning stories for the mags for 10 yrs therefore it is much better to have the boy band around for 3 years and on to the next)

    THE MEDIA BUILT UP KENNEDY & TRUDEAU as they signaled ‘youthfulness’ and ‘rebelliousness’ and they looked ‘pretty’

  • k

    On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…. once food/shelter/clothing needs are met…then people gravitate to more philosophical needs
    Communist ideas went….East Euro=Government West Euro= SOCIALLY
    bring on the baby boom
    these kids had everything
    BIG Business started wooing them
    teenage rebellion and IDEALISM went hand in hand

    plus the evolutionary RIGHTS of the common man went to it’s next phase

    problem happens when you try to please TOO MANY CONFLICTING RIGHTS

  • k

    went out the window with ….

    rather than the strict adherence to the law
    2) Politics- our need to keep the peace is stronger than our need for what is RIGHT
    3) Lack of homogeneity
    4) Lack of Nationalism
    5) Trying to be all things to ALL people = squeeky wheel w best lawyer
    6) Too many CAREERS built on sand
    7) Denial-can make you dig your heels in vehemently

    • tom_billesley

      I don’t think in unstructured jottings

      • El Martyachi

        This whole thing has gotten way too meta for me.

  • tom_billesley

    More and more cases come to light.
    The trial of Mohammed Imran and ten other alleged paedophile rapists from another gang in Bradford continues:

    Are they starting to investigate similar happenings in Ontario?

  • Frau Katze

    Third worldization.

    It was not until a BBC reporter, John Ware, did a half-hour program looking into the financial irregularities in Tower Hamlets that Community Secretary Eric Pickles sent in auditors to go over the books. This action – like every other attempt to investigate corrupt activities in Tower Hamlets – was dismissed by a coterie of Rahman’s defenders in familiar terms. When investigators entered the council to go over the books, the trade union “Unison” picketed the event with a banner stating, “Eric Pickles – Hands off Tower Hamlets. No to racism and Islamophobia.” A diminishing but vocal group of supporters kept this up right to the end, not least the former MP, George Galloway, and the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

    • Gary

      Look at how our CBC covered for Jian that was a racists and misogynist to abuse and assault White non-muslim women as if they were dogs that deserved it.
      Liberalism is a mental Disorder from birth and currently the CBC has lowered the bar for BROWN people that are muslims and prone to violence and misogyny.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Rule of law is dead. Didn’t you get the memo. Sharia in the UK in 3 years.

  • Because law and order also mean objective standards of right and wrong. Leftist can’t have that.

    Also, their egos are so entwined in their bad ideologies that they cannot bear to see them destroyed.

  • Gary

    We in Canada won’t be told about our Muslim rape gangs for years because i still remember the Chief Blair’s denial when he held a Press Release at an islamic Centre while surrounded by muslims to tell us that the Toronto-18 Pakitani background Muslim male youth Terrorist had NOTHING to do with islam or being muslim.

    I don’t expect the new Toronto Chief to be any more loyal to Canada than his pay cheque for the $250,000.00+ as we see now for a few Chiefs across Canada that ignore our Laws for some Minorities that now have the power to get people fired.
    Calgary had that mob of pro-hamas muslims that included a group of Brown Shirt thugs that broke away and began to beat up our women and children , the Police implied that the women Provoked the muslims by being there and knowing they would riot for being passionate about the suffering in palestine.
    Toronto had the Tamil riots and child abuse to use kids as shields against the police and storm a Highway to occupy Canadian land for over 8 hours while the Police just stood by to contain the mob that had the children and babies still late at night.
    Even the Police seem to be paid too much and won’t risk losing their jobs for arresting Minorities that break the law and will cry islamophobia or homophobia.
    Why even have Laws if the Cops have to carry a List of Groups and Crimes
    that they must ignore when enforcing the laws.

    Keep in mind , it was a white male Canadian father that was arrested and strip search for the alleged Child-abuse just because his daughter in Kindergarten had made a crude image of the magic gun daddy uses to kill monsters at home.
    Muslims can bring babies and little kids to rallies where there are Terrorist group groups Flags being flown that are banned in Canada, the Kids can hold large signs with a picture of a blood soaked corpse from war, signs promoting killing jews or Sharia law that would sanction murdering gays.
    The Police do squat , yet a daughter drawing a gun at school sets the wheels in motion to call in the CAS and Police to go after the father.
    Innocent until proven non-muslim .