David Limbaugh: ’60s radicals now glory in their power over the ‘pigs’; FOP* responds to new guidance

As Twitchy reported, an alleged attempt to rebuild trust between police and the communities they serve has resulted in a new executive order that adds additional controls or bans outright certain equipment that “militarizes” police departments…

More at Twitchy.

*Fraternal Order of Police

  • Minicapt

    Without bayonets, there will be no law.


  • Xavier

    Where have the “militarized” police been called into action recently? Why, in places where Obama’s sons have been rioting in the streets.

    This will not do. Hence the equipment ban.

    In English class this was called foreshadowing.

    Something’s about to happen, and Obama knows it. He’s not protecting the blacks, though. He’s weakening law enforcement so the blacks can make a statement for social justice. Then the administration will exploit another crisis to their advantage.

    Next time an unblack cop kills a thug, multiple cities will burn.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s not looking good.