Algerians bare their legs to support girl snubbed for short skirt

First there was the scandal of the skirt that was ‘too long’ for France. Now there’s a skirt that’s ‘too short’ for Algeria. On May 9, an Algerian law student was refused entry to an exam because her skirt stopped above the knees. But social media users have rallied behind her, posting photos of their bare legs as a sign of resistance.

The decision taken by a supervisor to prevent the student from entering meant she was unable to sit an exam at Algiers’ faculty of law. According to the website TSA Algerie, the university’s vice-chancellor supported the supervisor’s decision on the grounds that internal codes of conduct required students to “dress decently”. He added that it was little more than a trivial incident.

In response, web users showed off their legs. Whether male or female, showing skin or wearing jeans, they all uploaded photos to a Facebook page entitled ‘My dignity isn’t in the length of my skirt’.

Oh why not…