Women’s rights overlooked in the name of racial “tolerance”

Here, in an environment in which progressive ideas are fostered and an innate belief in equality is (rightfully) encouraged, the thought of being labelled “racist” is particularly horrifying.

So while in many aspects of campus life the goals of feminism are proudly championed, even the faintest risk of being accused of cultural insensitivity is all but guaranteed to see any commitment to gender equality suddenly discarded.

If there’s a hierarchy in the hallowed halls of our nation’s tertiary institutions whenever a potential clash of ideology arises, it goes something like this: Muslims and then women. In that order.

This is an environment in which even the most passionate of women’s advocates can be rendered mute by a suggestion they are engaging in anti-Islam rhetoric.

  • BillyHW

    When did Islam become a race?

  • Gary

    Note how the Hijab clad students know their place and sit at the back rather than risk being beaten to a pulp for sitting up front since the Feminists and School Board Directors won’t help them because sharia law Trumps all gender rights .

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will be at least one major US university that soon adopts a sharia compliant policy of excluding all women. And the loudest supporters will be liberals and feminists.

    • Surele Surele


  • NicholastheWise

    The good thing is it can save you money. I used to give money to both my alma maters but after more hypocrisy than I could stomach I cut them both off.

  • Jay Currie

    What are these “rights” of which you speak?