We fact-check UNIFOR’s anti-Harper ad — since HuffPo wouldn’t

UNIFOR, the country’s largest private sector union, just released a radio campaign attacking Harper. The Huffington Post reported on the ad, but they did it without fact-checking the commercial.

  • BillyHW

    None of the parties are friends of the Canadian worker, because none of the parties oppose immigration.

    • Alain

      Nor do any of them actually and truly support the working person, much less the middle class. It is disgusting that they are not forced to back up their claims with evidence, such as proof that our economy has done worse under PM Harper than under another other PM since WW II.

  • terrence

    Does anyone with only half a brain trust ANYTHING a bunch of self-serving union goons say?

  • Gettingby

    Unemployment rate in 2010 = 8.1% Unemployment rate in 2015 = 6.9% Change of 1.2%
    Employment numbers in 2010 = 13,768,000 Employment rate in 2015 = 14,506,000 Change of 738,000

    So employing 738,000 people drops the unemployment rate by 1.2% So employing another 738,000 x 6 = 4,428,000 should leave ZERO people unemployed. 1.2 x 6 = 7.2%

    Lies..lies….lies we are constantly being fed lies.

  • Minicapt