Oh My! Those poor brainwashed teens who join ISIS!

Those “teens” are vicious sadists like the ISIS members torturing prisoners in the video.

  • TruthExposed

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  • ntt1

    I agree. They might sign up for “religious” principals but they stay for the looting rape and savagery.

    • They sign up fully aware of ISIS penchant for demonic atrocity. There is no way they can be ignorant of it.

    • Alain

      I think it was the looting, raping and savagery that attracted them in the first place.

      • ntt1

        you bet ! what other “religion “offers a hall pass for complete savagery? only islam.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I think it is time a civilized group makes a video of ISIS captives being force-fed pork in cells plastered with porn posters and filled with rock music, then shot through the head, then covered in pig’s blood and buried naked and upside down. I would pay good money to watch that video. I would pay even more to watch muslims watching that video.

    • ntt1

      by the time a civilized group performed all your suggested actions they would no longer be civilized.

      • Dave

        And its that kind of attitude that allows the ISIS types to carry on without fear of retribution.
        One must fight fire with fire, not bouquets of flowers. (or jobs and winter coats as turdo would have us believe.)

      • Doug Kursk

        …that’s ok, just get out of the way when the pushback from the oppressed comes.

      • Justin St.Denis

        You have never actively served in the military, have you? Never read Winston Churchill! You of all people will need “trigger warnings”.

        People like you make me vomit.

        • ntt1

          So do people like you who incidentally have obviously never served or you wouldn’t be such a twisted idiot. if you start acting like the islamists then what is left to protect? you I suspect are no different from jihadi john given the chance.

          • Dave

            OK, if that’s how you feel, how would you remedy the situation? A box of chocolates and a nice greeting card?
            Remember what Churchill said: “islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.”

            How would you treat a rabid dog?

          • ntt1

            Put them down but without degrading to Justin st denis ‘s level of barbarism, the only way this scourge will be defeated is by steady advance of well trained infantry on the ground while drones are great for hands off, surgical assassinations eventually ,if it is to be won then its boots on the ground . It has always been thus.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Soaking them in pork fat is hardly degrading. It is blasphemous from an islamic standpoint, but I am a Christian and therefore it is not blasphemous for me to suggest or do just that.

            You are both a coward and stupid. You’ve no idea what they do to skippies like you to break them.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Never served? That’s cute, Skippy. I would add that it is also not obvious looking at me that I could pump a bullet between your eyes from about 700 feet away, too. I didn’t learn that in high school, Skippy. Nor did I learn to use knives – and I am a genuine expert with knives! – in school or working for a circus during summer holidays.

            I have no doubt whatsoever that YOU, Skippy, have never served. Indeed, I doubt that you have ever fired a weapon, let alone killed enemy combatants for your country. Guys like YOU, Skippy, let guys like ME do that on your behalf.

            I have met you before, Skippy. I have looked into your blank, amoral, ungrateful eyes, too. And I would STILL kill the enemy to keep you safe, despite you being a moral coward.

  • Chatillon

    These perps are just child soldiers. They’re the REAL victims. Their innocence has been stolen from them , forced as they are to flog and beat folks who probably had it coming anyway…

    We now return your television to your control…

  • Gary

    Islamists in Canada will exploit our Young Offenders Act and create more Omar Khard’s that can wage Jihad for ISIS and islam and then have the CBC and STAR welcome them back as victims.