Legitimizing the Groups that Hate You

Salafist preacher Abdurraheem Green, one of Britain’s most anti-Semitic extremists. (Image source: BBC video screenshot)

On May 21, a representative of a prominent British Jewish charity, the Anne Frank Trust, will share a platform with one of Britain’s most anti-Semitic extremists: the Salafist preacher, Abdurraheem Green.

The event, organized by the Islamic Diversity Centre, is named “Against Racism Against Hatred: Tackling Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia.”

The speaker, Abdurraheem Green, has spoken of a “Yehudi [Jewish] … stench” and urged Muslims to “push them [Jews] to the side.” In addition, he encourages men to hit their wives to “bring them to goodness,” and has called for the killing of homosexuals and adulterers…

  • This is madness.

    • Frau Katze

      Scarcely believable.

      • MRHapla

        Lucid nightmare comes to mind,,,,,,,

    • MRHapla

      Chaos,,,,,,and not the Agent 86, 99,, kind either

  • Frau Katze

    Classic leftard over-optimism. Like a woman who keeps going back to a man who beats her. He’ll change…there’s hope…

    Speaking to the Gatestone Institute, Ms. Dunne said, “I have carried out my own research on Abdurraheem Green and iERA, and remain convinced that speaking at this event aligns with the mission of the Anne Frank Trust to challenge prejudice and reduce hatred. Our goal is to encourage people to embrace positive attitudes towards others; we can only do this by encouraging more connections between those with potentially differing views.”

  • barryjr

    The headline is absolutely correct, there is no reasonable explanation for this member of the Anne Frank trust to appear on stage with these animals. In my idea of a more perfect world they could appear and have a reasonable exchange of views and then reasonable people would make reasonable decisions based on the presented ideas. Unfortunately we all know that this turn into a hate filled attack full of propaganda and lies against the Jews and that the media (with a few exceptions) will point out the validity of the anti Semantic screed.This is a lose lose situation for the Anne Frank Trust and I can’t believe that they will fall into this trap.

    • MRHapla

      Unless its to publicly rip Islam a new asshlle,, present some Islamovigilence.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The folks who invited him are fools, and he’s only disappointed that he didn’t make any converts.

  • Rosenmops

    If Abdurraheem Green was a skin head instead of a Muslim would he be tolerated?

  • Hard Little Machine

    British Jewish leadership has gone full Nazi collaborator.