Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

Justice in Boston exposes an outraged Left for all the world to see

“…This is not only puerile, but disgraceful. Think about this: Liberals believe that the life of a terrorist butcher is worth more than innocent unborn babies; worth more than the lives of his victims and their shattered families; and even worth more than 8-year-old Martin Richard.

The state’s leftist elites are up in arms about the supposed injustice being done to a Muslim fanatic, while remaining practically silent about the crimes of radical Islam — the genocide against Christians in the Middle East, the torture and execution of homosexuals, the brutal subjugation of women, and the widespread practice of slavery against non-Muslims.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s time to create an environment where Lefties are afraid to open their mouths to voice their opinion.

  • The left keeps descending lower and lower on the scale of dementia and vileness.

    • It never fails, the Left is always capable of ever greater depravity.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Rather depressing to watch after a few decades, I might add.

  • Dana Garcia

    Libs care more for their idealized utopia than freedom, therefore they approve of Islam’s effective techniques of social control.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Not everyone that opposes the War on Terror is a left winger. Even libertarians are against such wars as they have no end I feel. Nationalists are against them. The same with moderate conservatives and not the current conservatives. So it really has to do with special interests. What I find fascinating is that people that support the wars only support homosexuality when it gets them what they want which is war. They could care less about homosexuality. It is convenient for the warmonger at that particular time. I frankly feel the War on Terror has no end; it is ill-thought out. There is no end goal and it is meant for control and is perpetual. Democracy was never the outcome. I am against the War on Terror because I want to end imperialist wars and colonialist wars and that is what nationalists like myself are against. As for the mainstream left, they are for less authoritarianism but I feel are still massively authoritarian. The parties were for Libya and are just picking their positions. What I find interesting is that language is all those that are against Islam seem to want to hear. They are just following what their party wants them to think about. So it has nothing to do with well anything other than sounding tough and poking and disparaging. As for wanting utopia, that is just a talking point of what is assumed. As if you have the entire left figured out. The left is also divided amongst centre, centre-left, left wing, far-left, so they all have their own ideas. Does anyone on here really understand how the spectrum truly operates or are these just gospel talking points?! I would say the latter rather than the former. People on here don’t know political science but rather talking points inherited from Rebel or Fox News.

  • David Murrell

    Great, great cartoon. It says a lot about the West s attitude on terror.