Iraqi Shiite militias get the order: Retake Ramadi from Islamic State

Shiite militias are massing in an attempt to retake the Iraqi provincial capital of Ramadi, which forces of the self-declared Islamic State seized over the weekend in the group’s biggest victory of the year to date.

A spokesman for the Shiite militias – which have been coordinating with Iraqi forces, the US-led coalition providing air support, and Iranian militias –confirmed that they are preparing to deploy near Ramadi on order of the Iraqi government, Reuters reports. “Now that the [militias have] received the order to march forward, they will definitely take part,” the spokesman said. “They were waiting for this order and now they have it.”

ISIS does not appear too defeated…

It’s evident that IRAQI government forces are bad joke. It will be interesting to see how well the Shia militias are welcomed in Ramadi.

The pic above is from an ISIS victory celebration video, you can, if you wish view it here, but again be advised is a Jihadi site.