Evening photos: The Dolomites, Italy

Flower Carpet, by Martin Kornmesser. You can see all his photos at 500px, here.

Another one from the same man, also of the Dolomites (mountain range in Italy):

c369085d6e42364bb197e9551a5f98f4Bonus: Venice, Italy by Flickr user nomomiwont

  • WalterBannon
  • Frances

    This was a battleground during WW I. My spouse visited the Italian Alps (think included this area) when sent on a “study session” to explore the Pyrenees and the Alps for rocks (and, incidentally, to check same for wine and calamari). My spouse – a true geologist – did actually study the rocks (geologists are NOT like normal people). But also noted – in Italy – the remains of the WW I battlefields. In particular, mentioned one mountain top where the Austrians were entrenched but the Italians tunneled in from below and eventually blew up the whole top.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    This is my favourite Dolomite.