Borovoy’s Gone But His Frankenstein Monster Lingers On

In the NatPo today, George Jonas pays tribute to his friend Alan Borovoy, who died earlier this week. Jonas reminisces about the debates he and Borovoy used to have back in the days when we were much freer, which is to say, before Borovoy and his leftist pals up cooked up our wacky “human rights” system.

Jonas notes that while he, a libertarian who had escaped from the Soviet orbit, warned about potential problems with such “human rights” bodies from the outset, Borovoy and the other leftists poo-poo’d such fears…

h/t Marvin

  • The left always Poo Poo’s their disasters.

    • Alain

      Ideologues are never willing to stray from their objective by evidence or facts, which is why other than a hand-full they refuse to accept that communism does not work, or in this case that HRCs are contrary to liberty and freedom. No matter what their agenda is, it is the same be it the long gun registry or anything else.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        When your heroin addict uncle tells you that communism is a great idea that’s never been properly implemented you either become a conservative or decide that heroin is a good idea, too.

        • zee

          Or both 🙂

  • Palidor

    What a load of horse poo-poo. They are trying to make it look like he was naive or that (I like this one the best) he lacked imagination. He knew damn well what he was doing all along.

    He earned his stripes through his principled *cough* defense of Ernst Zundel accused of spreading false news likely to cause mischief to racial tolerance. His argument was that public trials gave too much exposure to politically incorrect views. The Tribunals he set up became a much quieter way of continuing to police free speech.