Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream – Immigration, outsourcing, and smart machines crush citizen hopes

The American worker, from ditch-digger to rocket scientist, is under assault as never before. Government immigration policies, globalist economics, and the march of technology have combined to create a shrinking employment universe for ordinary Americans, the effects of which have been accumulating over decades.

For years, business elites have directed Washington to lower wages using the strategy of excessive immigration. In addition, the twin tactic of outsourcing entire industries overseas has been accomplished with the encouragement of government in the thrall of the free trade fantasy. The damage done to the economy (and the Americans who occupy it) has been largely ignored by journalists and beltway analysts who believe the globalist economy is an unquestioned good. As it happens, few reporter jobs have been outsourced or taken by immigrants, so the media focuses on cheerful news of low prices for consumers; scribblers are remarkably unconcerned with the systemic loss of employment for the middle class, which is struggling to maintain living standards.


Three Stakes In The Heart Of The American Dream – Immigration, Outsourcing, And Smart Machines Crush Citizen Hopes – in pdf format below


  • Frau Katze

    Kind of like the book review I posted yesterday, but covering more ground.

    Very depressing.

    • Yes it is.

      This looks like a good book on the subject as well.

      The New Case Against Immigration: Both Legal and Illegal

      There’s an excerpt here.

      Some interesting points that bolster my belief that our politicians are, figuratively speaking, fighting this economic war with the last wars tactics.

      Mass immigration, especially of unskilled labour is no economic fix short or long term. It was in the past when we genuinely needed large pools of labour, but now we live in a mature society, the roads and the railways are built, the lands are settled.

      Not to mention that were are being de-industrialized through free trade and the service jobs that absorbed those displaced in the past are they themselves being automated.

    • Gary

      Years back I came across an arrogant CBC Anchor that thought it was below them to say Hi when we both were in the Company Lunch room during a Location report done that day by the CBC.
      I didn’t know who they were until later on , but I laughed because robotics and Virtual reality would one day created a Generic non sexual composite of a Human that would lips sync a Digital Voice report as the old Blue-Screen backdrops to fabricate a Studio .
      Commercials on TV have gone to puppets and Cartoons that don’t age and can have staying power as an Icon for their Brand .

      I’m not shocked at this new future because in the early 1960’s Politicians had no foresight when they promised FREE health care, Gov. Pension, Welfare , Drug plans and the list of little things that piled on since as if only the true needy and only Citizens would use them .
      Obama now exploits the 15,000,000 low IQ illegals and hispanic labourers that enjoy the FREE stuff as if it will never end but are really useful idiots in a Ponze scheme to secure the 2016 Election for the dem.’s .

      Sadly , the Pubic Sector Unions are stuck in the 1980’s as they resists new technology and demand that the lay-off’s become Early Pension draw downs that are a long tern Burden for the taxpayer because they may be getting less per month but don’t have to work for it and may pick up another job as well.
      ENRON and GM were examples of Ponze schemes that imploded when they ran out of OPM ( other people’s money) which was the drug the greedy pigs were hooked on as we see for the Liberals and NDP .

      I don’t t trust a Party that crusades for the Homeless as a crisis to get shelter and jobs one day while at the same time they endorse the No One Is illegal groups for open doors to illegals to get housing and Health care on top of the near 300’000 legal immigrants that also sponsor elderly parents for Health care once they are in Canada.
      The NDP is the worse because while Chow said she fights for Children’s Rights and youth, her and Jack support the quasi-pedophilia display in PRIDE as naked males expose them self around children . Plus, Chow supports the sex-trade for Teen girls and doesn’t oppose the new attempt by CAMH to normalize the adult2child lust as long as the child isn’t harmed.

      Hell, the CBC would have died 10 years ago if it wasn’t gorging at the Public trough for $1,100,000,000.00 a year while hiring misogynists and racist brown males that abuse only white non-muslims females.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Nobody’s job is safe from automation. Even pimps and hookers…..

  • Dana Garcia

    Our ancient human psychology is built to make us respond energetically to a sudden danger, from saber-tooth tiger to earthquake.

    But we are not so good at dealing with gradual change that happens over decades. The bad government programs, like forced diversity via mass immigration, create social modification that becomes the new normal. We never voted for a globalized economy and one-worlder society, but liberal elites believe in that ideology, so we little citizens are stuck with it.

  • just a thought
  • Norman_In_New_York

    And just who will buy all these wonderful products and services if incomes go into the toilet?

    • just a thought

      Duh! They’ll just raise the minimum wage, silly. Don’t you know ANYTHING? //sarc//

    • They assume that history will repeat itself and new jobs and opportunities will present themselves. People left the farm and got “jobs” in the city and as consumerism grew new manufacturing jobs displaced those lost in sunset industries.

      Then when manufacturing jobs declined they were to an extent offset by service industry jobs.

      Now that both manufacturing and service industry jobs face the potential of being automated what will the displaced do?

  • Petey

    As an engineer who has worked extensively in industry over the last three decades, immigration and outsourcing has been absolutely devastating to Canadian engineers. This in just the number of jobs that are available, the quality of the jobs and the remuneration.

  • BG

    Treasonous bastards.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We have de-emphasized STEM for a generation and now Americans aren’t in a position to be the people designing, building and maintaining the robots. In a generation Americans will demand that all robots have personalities so all the unemployed social workers, therapists and art history majors can ‘treat’ the robots. I hope the machines rise up and kill us all at that point.

    • I will salute our new Robot overlords should that come to pass.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Maybe graduating barely 2 out of 3 three remtards who even if they DO graduate can barely read is a bad plan for the 21st century.