Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream – Immigration, outsourcing, and smart machines crush citizen hopes

The American worker, from ditch-digger to rocket scientist, is under assault as never before. Government immigration policies, globalist economics, and the march of technology have combined to create a shrinking employment universe for ordinary Americans, the effects of which have been accumulating over decades.

For years, business elites have directed Washington to lower wages using the strategy of excessive immigration. In addition, the twin tactic of outsourcing entire industries overseas has been accomplished with the encouragement of government in the thrall of the free trade fantasy. The damage done to the economy (and the Americans who occupy it) has been largely ignored by journalists and beltway analysts who believe the globalist economy is an unquestioned good. As it happens, few reporter jobs have been outsourced or taken by immigrants, so the media focuses on cheerful news of low prices for consumers; scribblers are remarkably unconcerned with the systemic loss of employment for the middle class, which is struggling to maintain living standards.


Three Stakes In The Heart Of The American Dream – Immigration, Outsourcing, And Smart Machines Crush Citizen Hopes – in pdf format below