My Life Is Non-Stop Glamour…

Survived another shopping trip with me Sainted Irish Mum.

Sears is one of her faves.

The Good News: I got a pair of pants for $9.99 in a colour that screams.

  • DD_Austin

    Shopping with Mom + $9.99 pants =
    Somebody is still trying to teach and…
    Someone still has something to learn

    Those pants likely as not come out of the same foreign sweat shop the 99.99 gucci
    pants do, and $90.00 is a lot to pay for a label.

    • I have no doubt.

      • Frau Katze

        Let’s see a picture of them. 😉

        • They’re in the wash!

          • Mal

            With the whites?
            (Crap! That was “raaaaacist” of me, right?)

  • Ron MacDonald

    Did they provide batteries for your pants?

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Wallowitz pants, eh? Good for you, Cat!
    You be a fashion salmon swimming against the current.

    • I’m just a slave;)

    • Justin St.Denis

      I actually owned salmon-coloured pants once. They were a birthday present from an ex-girlfriend. I assumed she hated me, but not THAT MUCH! 😉

      • Uncle_Waspy

        Definitely something fishy about that gift.

  • These are kinda burgundy/purply fady

    • Justin St.Denis

      OMG! That actually sounds way, way less revolting than I was expecting! Unfortunately, you are not Black, are you? I mean, if you were Black, those pants could look rather snazzy. But caucasian men look hilarious in purple. Are you of the “ghostly Irish pallor” persuasion? If so, your pants will make you look both hilarious and DEAD. Kinda like olive green, but way worse. In the “deathly pallor” sense of worse, if you follow. You reall shoukd post a pic of yourself wearing them. Let your public be the judge. 😉

      If you dare…

  • Mal

    Good ol’ Sears’ Outlet Store; known to my circle as “The Scratch ‘n Dent”. I’ve picked up many a furniture bargain there, too. Still use the cheapo ‘dinged’ bookshelves, 30 years down the road.

    • It’s a wondrous place.

    • marty_p

      There’s tons of good stuff in the Furniture and Appliance section. I try to avoid the clothes area at the Rexdale store – many of the patrons in that area have never heard of bathing or deodorant.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I feel sorry for the Bay City Rollers.
    Their managers took ’em to the cleaners.

  • Xavier

    BCF, for the past 7-8 years, every Thursday I take an elderly (she’ll be 89 in 2 weeks) neighbor to get her hair done and then shopping, wherever she wants to go. First, we go to the cigarette store for a carton of Marlboro Special Blend, lol. She’s nearly unable to walk but refuses to use a walker or cane in public, so she uses a shopping cart to maintain a front of self-sufficiency. I know about Sears. I know about J.C. Penny. One day I’ll tell you about the fresh hell of Big Lots and Busy Beaver. You have my, well, not exactly sympathy but empathy might be the right term.

    • I look forward to it, today the store was almost tidy relative to its usual chaotic state.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I like the contrast between Safeway and Superstore.
        In Superstore you can’t get around very well because it’s crowded.
        In Safeway you could fire a shot and not hit anyone.