Muslims respond to sex-ed

Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum is still raising eyebrows, mostly among religious groups whose values clash with the liberal ethos the new curriculum promotes.

The most strident challenge comes from Islam.

In fact, many Muslim leaders appear to be formulating a unified response to the curriculum, which is to be taught in schools starting in September.

  • canminuteman

    All ya can do is laugh at them.

  • Brett_McS


  • Alain

    At least the Muslims are right about this. This has zero to do with education; it is grooming and child abuse. This is the domaine of parents not the state, furthermore it is not age appropriate.

    • just a thought

      “…the Muslims are right about this.”
      Scary, ain’t it!

      • I think they prefer to do the child-wrecking.

        • just a thought

          Well, as Alain wrote, this is about “…grooming and child abuse”, so allah forbid the Lefties intrude onto muslime turf!

    • I agree, the state has overstepped its bounds, this is their reward.

  • Big homo clashes with big Mo. Any bets?

    • Those really are the alpha predators of the PC food-chain.

    • El Martyachi

      I bet it makes liberals very saaaaad.

    • eMan14

      My bet is that Muslims will get a buy (opt out) for sex ed.

      • Xavier

        Concur. It’s going to be interesting to see how officials manage to allow Moslems an exemption without giving the same to any other religious group.

        Yes yes I know Moslem isn’t really a religion but it is treated as such by our overlords.

    • mauser 98

      good one !

    • lolwut?

      Wynne wearing an orange jumpsuit with a islamic flag hanging on the wall behind her and some not so nice Muslim dudes standing her?

      That I’d pay to see.

  • just a thought

    Looks like a whole LOT of non-Muslims in that photo – perhaps even the majority?

    That headline wouldn’t be to endear them to those of us who actually DO care? Sorry, but from what I know about the MSM and muslimes, I can’t help but be skeptical.

    • lolwut?

      Well, no matter who shoots the footage you see online and TV. It’s mostly third world immigrants who are the ones at the protests.

      Muslims and Asians mostly.

  • Multiculturalism: not just for the curry-lovers anymore.

    This is such a laugh. People brought in solely as a voters’ block can ruin the Liberals’ chances.

    Interesting times….

  • Jay Currie

    Should be interesting. I mean it is one thing to denounce Catholics and fundamentist Christians as “homophobes” but Muslims… Not so easy. They fight back. They take their homophobia and misogyny seriously.

    Popcorn all round.

    • I am enjoying this, it is a perfect storm of PC pieties.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Good times!

  • Linda1000

    In AB students can opt out of some of the sex ed classes at their parents request. I’m not sure how different the AB sex ed program is from ON but I don’t remember any headline news stories about it. Not sure if the policy of opting out in AB has recently changed (or will be) to mandatory for all students.
    I talked to a recently retired teacher of Grades 5/6 and she said her experience in teaching sex ed was positive. It was the one class (co-ed) where the students were all ears and eyes with 100% attention. She said some of her students were sexually active at 11/12 years old so all the info about body anatomy and sexual health/protection was really useful. She said many parents didn’t provide any sex info to their kids or didn’t know how to help them. She also said the students who opted out were the newer immigrant kids, mostly Muslim.

    • Carlos_Perera

      Linda1000, we’ve been getting the same line since sex “education”–really sexual amorality propaganda–was first introduced in the U. S.–in New York State, of course–in 1962. At the time, the illegitimacy rate in the U. S. was 5% (which was thought to be scandalously high, and was one of the reasons adduced by the sex-ed mavens for the introduction of their program). Now, after 53 years of ever more “progressive” sex education curricula, the illegitimacy rate in the U. S. stands at about 40% (although it is much higher in morally degraded–thanks to socially progressive public policies–minority communities, e.g., the black illegitimacy rate is 72%).

      Sex education is not, and has never been, about protecting the young from bad information or misinformation. It was and is about undermining, then completely displacing Judeo-Christian sexual mores with Cultural-Marxist anti-mores. And about eradicating the ancient parental right of _patria potestas_, which makes parents the ultimate authority over their children, and making children wards of the Progressive state. In the culture in which I grew up, 11- and 12-year-olds were not sexually active (except in rare, socially pathological cases), because parents exercised authority over their children and were supported in so doing by the broader culture, which, unlike current popular culture, sought to bolster, not undermine, the received sexual mores. Conversely, the metastasis of sex-ed correlates narrowly with the explosion of illegitimacy, abortion, and divorce rates. I warrant that the “newer immigrant kids, mostly Muslim,” which you seem to use as a derogatory tag, whose parents eschew the enlightened sex-ed regimen prescribed by the West’s sexual _Illuminati_, will grow up with a much lower incidence of sexually irresponsible behavior than those who are entrusted to the tender mercies of the sex-ed establishment.

      Einstein has been famously quoted (perhaps by misattribution) as saying, “Insanity is the expectation that doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” Those who keep on doubling down on the sex-ed meme illustrate that witticism perfectly.

      • Linda1000

        Well, I guess we are really “quaint” in Canada if it has only been in the last ten years or so that our education experts have been pushing for the new sex ed programs to be implemented. How do you explain openly sexual (some times down right kinky) European countries (Sweden,.France, Germany, etc.) with much lower teen pregnancy rates . There seems to be many factors at play and not just sex education in schools that cause the higher teen pregnancy and high abortion rates in the U.S. and Canada. Canada’s (with only 34 million people) rate is still higher than the EU countries. Also, the U.S. has a much bigger population than any one EU country.


        • Linda1000

          You have to admit that the sexual mores or conventions of the Islamic faith or population are rather bizarre. On the one hand they practice child marriages, FGM, sex with young (dancing) boys. On the other side, girls wear hijabs and long black abayas so not to be “naked” in public, kissing and holding hands in public is haram, sex scenes in movies are deleted, girls must be virgins to get married (even to the extent of getting vagina repair surgeries). All the stuff Muslims consider taboo seems quite innocent compared to the many religious, social, cultural beliefs they endorse.

    • If kids are sexually active at eleven, one has much bigger problems.

      • Linda1000

        Well I agree, and that’s a parenting issue of discipline, what’s good what’s bad etc. – I would think?
        I do think teaching sexual health in schools and providing the kids with basic info is useful. At least teens as they get older in high school can then make better decisions about their social/sex lives?
        The teacher I talked to was being very realistic about the situation today. I have no idea what’s appropriate knowledge or at what age kids should acquire various sex info.
        The teacher I talked to is a walking buddy and single parent (divorced) of four successful adult kids (all married with their own kids and good careers)now.

        • I believe Carlos Perera summed up why sex ed is allowed in schools and it is not for informative purposes, even for the most dysfunctional kids. This program in particular is most pernicious and should be scrapped.

          • Linda1000

            Okay, let’s scrap all sex ed programs in schools from Grades 1-12 for the next decade or so. Let’s see how that turns out when kids get thrown into the sexual sewer pits of current universities and see how they cope.
            Anyway, a lot of horses have already left the barn over the last few decades because all our education systems have always been controlled by state gov’t. liberal leftest marxists. Our own so-called federal Cons. gov’t. endorses alternative lifestyles, wont touch the abortion issue.
            I don’t see how all this degrading of social or cultural practices is going to be reversed now

          • They’re not coping now (and why exactly are universities cesspools?).

            It’s not the schools’ job to sort out the personal lives of students.

            No one is going to undo the damage people have done to one another. But it doesn’t have to get worse.

          • Linda1000

            Its true, schools should not sort out the personal lives of students but why have so many parents bought into the “co-parenting” theme. I never heard about “co-parenting” 20 or 30 years ago. The school administrators are really going overboard with their nanny state policing of students these days also.
            Unis are cesspools because they seem to be places where even more indoctrination of the leftist agenda is pushed on students by many Profs, feminazis, women’s studies, depraved sex festival weeks, activist student groups with their cause of the day.
            The Wynne gov’t will give a blanket opt out of the sex ed for Muslims anyway, just like they already have a special exception for Friday prayers on school premises.

          • Strangely enough, people got married and lived normal lives without some strangers’ insistence that they put condoms on bananas. Parents have pushed the responsibility of teaching mores onto the least qualified people. Thanks to cultural Marxism, ect, society is up a creek that shall remain nameless for now.

            This sex ed program should have been fought before the election. It is too late now.

          • Linda1000

            You are correct and I don’t see much improvement in the future as its like there are no moral values anymore. Another thing I can’t get over is the level of increasing violence with younger people, not just teenagers but young adults. Read the news stories about this May long weekend.

          • It’s because there are no more values.

            The pendulum will swing back, though.

            It always does.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Can they hold the Gay Pride Parade in a Muslim neighborhood?

    • Cheryl

      I would really like to see that and especially if Wynne was leading it. With the bulk of Muslims living in Toronto would she get their vote? If this had been in place before the election would she have acquired the majority government she has now?

  • mauser 98

    chickens home to roost

  • lolwut?

    God, I hope this leads to a Fatwa calling for Wynne’s head……literally.


  • cmh

    If anyone needs sex ed its these chimps….they should move back to an islamic country.