KT McFarland: Islam is finally starting to reform

The Islamic community is finally starting to reform. That’s exactly why we need to label terrorism “Islamic,” exactly contrary to Obama’s misguided policy.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Let’s have a complete overhaul of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a message for Western governments – Canada’s included – that think they will curb extremist terrorism by tightening legal limits on expression: You are only making the problem worse.

“I’m a free-speech fundamentalist. There should be no censorship,” says the Somali-born anti-Islam campaigner. “You want things out in the open so you know what you’re fighting against. All these hate-speech laws are counterproductive.

“You’re creating the conditions for getting more lone wolves, because there will be less chatter to follow them. … More and more lone wolves will succeed in their homicidal actions. Instead of censorship, let’s challenge the ideas of the extremists.”