Islamic State militants ‘smuggled to Europe’

Islamic State (IS) fighters are being smuggled into Europe by gangs in the Mediterranean, an adviser to the Libyan government has told the BBC.

Abdul Basit Haroun said smugglers were hiding IS militants on boats filled with migrants.

Officials in Italy and Egypt have previously warned that IS militants could reach Europe by migrant boat.

However, experts have cautioned that it is very difficult to verify or assess such claims.

  • Brett_McS
  • DMB

    These are not migrants, immigrants or refugee’s. This is a modern day Trojan Horse invasion.

    • Exactly. Our political class wants us to continue believe in the romanticized narrative of the Ellis Island immigrant.

      It is simply no longer true. These are settlers, not immigrants.

    • Gary

      The NDP endorses calling them Global Warming ” Climate Refugees “.

      • Minicapt

        “Dipper Grifters”


  • tom_billesley

    ” …it is very difficult to verify or assess such claims.”
    – it is also very difficult to refute such claims.
    The Jordanian Prince in charge at UNHCR doubtless expects European citizens to accept the unquantified risk as the price of enrichment.

    • He won’t be a Prince for long. Jordan is a rickety kingdom and the monarch not well loved. It is propped up by western aid, including from Canada that should be ended.

      • ntt1

        Isn’t Jordan the second state besides Israel? wasn’t it supposed to be the homeland for the so-called Palestinians?

  • Di

    Best to sink ’em all, then. Just to be sure.

    Not that it matters. There’s no separating the goats from the sheep when it comes to Muslim immigration.

    Not to mention the difficulty of separating Muslim men from the goats.

  • FactsWillOut

    The west, importing muzzie terror since 2001. And now, in 2015, we act all surprised.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    With respect to the difficulty of assessing those claims, if they are plausible, they are likely.

  • Gary

    Interesting , so when muslims are being smuggled by boats to Western nations for welfare and Dawah plus terrorism, they don’t have to face mekkah 5 Times day.
    i guess it’s only when muslims are on land in in Canada that they need a mosque in our Public schools to pray because we’re suckers that buy that BS.

  • MyQHFilly

    Duh. Sink the boats at sea!