Calgary cops care more about #FHRITP than Muslim extremism

In Calgary, police are charging people who take part in the dumb #FHRITP prank. But remember when those cops did nothing while a Jewish family was attacked by pro-Hamas activists?

  • Gary

    No big shock that the Police Chief for Toronto had the same attitude and allowed Imams to do a ramadan prayer in the Police HQ when no other faith was invited for other events. Blair says he looking at running as a Federal Liberal with Justin,

    Gee, what are the odds that the same Blair that condones the child-abuse nudity by males During PRIDE and the banned Terrorist Flags by muslims during protests would suddenly jump into Politics for the same Liberal’s ties to Ben Levin and endorsing the PRIDE nudity which is a crime under the new 2013 Federal Laws to protect kids.
    Now Blair can feel what it’s like to run the Police instead of being the puppet that took orders for the Human Rights Commission or Dalton McLiar to let some groups break the Laws while everyone got arrested for the same offence .
    Remember, he’s the Chief that held a Press conference from an islamic Centre right after the arrests of the Toronto-18 pakistani Canadian young male muslim terrorists where he assured us that the Terror Plot to kill 10,000 + people VIA truck-bombs ….. had NOTHING to do with islam or muslims .
    I bet you that NOW when only 1 Conservative person does something wrong he will be a good Liberal a smear ALL Conservatives and malcontent and crooks.
    Defence lawyers should look at this and see a bias in the Law driven by Liberals in Ontario and that their client was treated differently under the Law than Minorities since Blair now shows his true colours and inner bias to enforce what laws are Popular and who gets to break them.

    I stop using the Police when they hire these new Mini-cops that are smaller than 90% of the crooks they are suppose to protect me from . The old Cops that had to be tall were bigger than 90% of the crooks to over power them and not call for backups 80% of the time as we see now for mini-Cops.

    • Cheryl

      Yet we the citizens of Ontario let this happen. Now who will lead the parade, will that be are first openly gay Premier? It is no wonder she thinks are children need an updated sex education curriculum. What the hell is the matter with this country?

  • kkruger71

    There always were some, but it really does seem that the unofficial policy of the police is to take the path of least resistance. I don’t even think most of it is ideological, just that the left is more likely to cause issues, protest, get media sympathy, etc if their members or sacred cows get negative police attention so they are ignored as often as can be. That is why you will often see the more peaceful right wing or Christian protesters/counter-protesters getting arrested and/or removed.
    Yet to still look busy and justify getting paid they go after those that get little to no sympathy, like the idiot in the truck from the story above.

  • pike bishop

    The Calgary cops and area RCMP spend a lot of time and effort covering up the law breaking of members of their respective forces.
    Ex-chief Hanson never saw a protest march blocking traffic or an illegal campout (Occupy) that he didn’t see as a political opportunity.

  • BillyHW

    Real policing is tough work, which is why police don’t do it.

  • moraywatson

    Fascists like to start with the soft targets.