An AT rookie author and the commenters

I was pleased and a bit surprised that my very first American Thinker article, “Don’t Draw Mohammed, Debate the Origins of Islam,” published on May 11, drew 382 comments (and counting).  I understand from more knowledgeable people that this is a healthy amount of commentary.  Thanks to all of you who read it and who took the trouble to comment.

With a mixture of curiosity and trepidation, I read all 382 comments, and I learned quite a lot.  For starters, I picked up a couple of new terms to incorporate in my counter-jihad correspondence, such as “Dhimmicrats” and “Islama-naïve.”  That second one was applied to me, and was echoed by someone who wrote, “Mr. Chambers is confused and rationalizes his dhimmitude.”  Some of my long-suffering family, friends, and correspondents would find it hysterical to see me dubbed a dhimmi.  Evidently those who wrote that and similar comments didn’t Google me, or they would have found that I wrote a book and some prior articles that should have inoculated me from that particular epithet.