When Will Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Be Executed? Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced To Death; Appeals Could Take Decades

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by a federal grand jury Friday. He is likely to appeal. Most convicts who are sentenced to death in the U.S. spend years on death row while a lengthy appeals process plays out, which means it could be decades until Tsarnaev, now 21, faces execution.

Out of the 80 federal defendants sentenced to death in the last 27 years, only three have been executed. Many are still going through appeals; others have been cleared or have died in the interim, the New York Times said.

  • Chatillon

    I wonder when he’ll be released on bail.

  • moraywatson

    The ISIS executioners walk their captives to the beach in repeated dress rehearsals before they actually slit their throats and turn the surf red with blood.

    Every morning his guards should walk Tsaranaev to the execution room, strap him to the gurney and hook up the IV drip. Give him a saline drip every single day, until the day that he is finally administered the lethal injection. Turn his brain into a puddle.

    • Gary

      I say that muslims need to be taught a lesson and hang this POS like they do to gays and then ram bacon and pig parts us his ar$e to bury in a unknown grave or cremate him so he can’t be a hero feted each year at his grave.
      Martyr’s can’t get to paradise if they tough pork , and , every islamist will know that they will get the same and die for nothing , so sad…….no virgins for sex starved pedophiles.

  • ntt1

    I anticipate a prison justice solution long before the legal system suck the last meat off the bones of this case

  • Blind Druid

    Unfortunately, he will be a hero to the other mahoundians in the slammer. They will protect him. By the time he is finally executed, he will have cost the taxpayers literally millions. They win again.

    • Xavier

      His fate is so far away that few will understand why he’s being executed. It will be ancient history.

  • UCSPanther

    Where’s John Ketch and his clumsy broadaxe when you need him?

  • Icebow

    That American procrastination is rather grotesque. When we had capital punishment in Britain, the sentence was usually carried out within a fortnight or so, barring a successful appeal.

    • Surele Surele

      solution? take no prisoners.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Must have been centuries ago. Brits have been notably spineless throughout my lifetime, and that goes back a bit. The last identified Brit with balls or intestinal fortitude was called Margaret Thatcher.

  • Gary

    And from now on the islamic org in the West will have a annual DAY for this murderer to either claim it was entrapment , or that the Jury was Islamophobic and racist as we see for how Omar Khadr is the darling of the Liberal Leftists lawyer and Judges.
    CAIR has yet to thank the Courts and Jury for the same swift justice
    the demand for islamophobes that never seem to get arrested by have vandalized Mosques and damaged qurans.

    Too many muslims are trying compare the Chapel Hill shootings to 3 Folks that were muslims to this Boston slaughter by self-professed islamist terrorists.
    Obama gave the orders to his Hispanic Puppet in the Attry gen Office to speak about this Conviction and assert that it had Noting to do with islam and that the Terrorist weren’t muslims.
    How sick can she be to hijack this slaughter and Conviction to do Dawah for CAIR and try to absolve islam and muhammed from this Jihad mission. When a White Cops kills a Black male, Holder and Obama blame all Whites as Racists that enable the Cops to do , this which has now caused a rash for Cop shooting by Blacks because Sharpton incited fear in Cops top shoot first when threatened by gun carrying thugs.

  • oldguy

    How long did the US Government take to execute Timothy McVeigh?

  • Just Wondering

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    700 of those flowers are Wh ite. 100 of those flowers are Bla ck. 200 of those flowers are Br own.

    Every year, 500 new Wh ite flowers bloom, while 520 die.
    Every year, 200 new Bl ack flowers bloom, while 20 die.
    Every year, 300 new Bro wn flowers bloom, while 150 die.

    What does that field look like in a time period of 10 years?

    We can win every bat tle from now until 2100.

    But we still lost.

    Their greatest weapon isn’t gu ns, bu llets, bo mbs or even nu kes. It’s the wo mb of their women.

    Our mortal weakness is their strength.

  • John

    He’ll probably die of old age

  • MyQHFilly

    Since it is a federal case, why can’t he executed as quickly as mcveigh? Oh, right, koranimal.

  • Couper

    How is it that Timothy McVeigh was excited in short order? Given that tree were all these appeal processes. He should be dispatched in short order.

  • Couper

    How is it that Timothy Mcveigh was executed just 6 years after his arrest? Given that there are all these appeal processes? Tsarnaev should be dispatched in short order.

    • Minicapt

      Tim went on record to reject any appeal created by his lawyers.


  • He deserves death by maximum torture till he dies of utter pain and horror. No mercy for the merciless murderers sent by Islam.

  • Edubeat

    And a judge lets Omar Khadr free to begin his career as an OISE professor of social justice and voyeurism.