UK: We must get rid of the dreadful Human Rights Act

The disgusting creep Abu Hamza was a huge beneficiary of the ‘Human Rights Act’

In 2010, I went to Downing Street to interview the new Prime Minister. The tone was merry and bright until I asked David Cameron what had been the biggest shock on taking office. “The sheer scale of the terrorist threat in this country,” he said.

I mentioned how hard it was to deport suspected terrorists and there was a tautening in that reasonable, well-modulated voice. “Don’t get me started on the lawyers,” he snapped.

Well, five years have passed, the Conservatives are in government without the Liberal Democrats, and it’s time to get started on the lawyers. To be precise, on a human rights industry which has grown fat and contented on the suffering of others while repeatedly promoting the rights of criminals above the safety of the British people…

h/t Marvin