UK: Five Libyan soldiers jailed for night of drunken rampaging through city streets in which man was raped and four women sexually assaulted

CCTV of Ibrahim Abugtila, circled in red, approaching members of the public in Cambridge prior to the rape. Moktair Mahmoud is circled in green

Five Libyan soldiers have been jailed for a night of drunken rampaging through a city centre in which a man was raped and four women sexually assaulted.

Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud, 33, and Ibrahim Abugtila, 23, were jailed for 12 years for the rape of a drunken man who they pounced on like a pair of ‘hunting dogs.’

The took turns to brutally assault their drunken victim in a Cambridge park after leaving their barracks without permission…

It’s get worse: The Army had fears about the behaviour of Libyan soldiers and put the barracks on lockdown when they arrived, it has emerged after five were jailed for a rampage of rape and sexual assaults.

Pressure is growing on Defence Secretary Michael Fallon to apologise after the cadets were able to leave the base without permission because the perimeter ‘leaked like a sieve’.

These fine gentlemen are supposedly being trained by the UK.

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