Toronto’s enthusiasm for Pan-Am Scam Games reaches fever pitch

If this poll is any indication FHRITP will become a cry of defiance during the Pan-Am Scam.

You can view the poll, and the article, Pan Am Games primer on the 40 nations coming to Toronto, with it’s pathetic 10 comments, (almost universally negative), here.

What are you most looking forward to at Pan Am Games?

Pan Am Games Enthusiasm

  • Mal

    “The traffic snarls”. Now that’s funny!

    • I suspect they will be the lasting memory of this boondoggle.

      • Frau Katze

        The Star acts weird from mobiles. But I did see the author was called an “Immigration reporter.”


      • Mal

        By not actually ever happening, you mean, Blazer?
        I’m wondering who will attend. Who would attend?

  • David Murrell

    as anyone seen some of the banal CBC Pan American Games ads. Absolutely terrible. Almost a comic satire about big media trying to coax people to become interested in useless, meaningless sports games. .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Read my comment. This could not have been more thoroughly fudged had they TRIED to fail.

  • Abu Nudnik

    Shouldn’t that be the “Pan-Am/Para Pan-Am Games?” I’m actually going to get tix if I can afford it to pole vaulting and high jump. Love those. Javelin too…

  • Justin St.Denis

    The “communications management” of the PanAm Games has been absolutely junior league. While I agree that the Games are a waste of time, the sheer LACK OF ENTHUSIASM among Torontonians – the most globally connected city in Canada – should serve as an indicator as to how PITIFUL the communications function for the Games has been. Corruption aside, sports enthusiasts should be CHAMPING AT THE BIT about the Games – especially the Spanish-speaking communities. Instead – ZILCH.

    Heads should roll. And any OPSers associated with the PanAm Games communications should be demoted or fired. I hate to see such waste, since we COULD be getting SOMETHING out of this. As it is, it will be a total loss…

    • Yo Mama

      Lack of enthusiasm?

      OCAP has shown lots of enthusiasm promising days of riotous fun for anarchists like them. It has given them a reason for fundraising they have lacked for some time.

      • Well that will give us something to look forward to.

  • Who Me

    If there were no Pan Am Games how could Lieberals make a killing like their former party president did on his wind power company he created 2 years before the 2003 election he then sold after the government created all the subsidies for them?

  • canminuteman

    Although in general I think the Pan Am games are a huge waste of money (there is no reason why he athletes can’t find there own accommodations, and use already existing facilities), I have tickets to the medal round of the fencing tournament. I am a fencer, and my son is just starting out in the sport, and this will be our only chance to see a moderately big league international competition. There are a lot of members of my fencing club going. I doubt that there would be any of what one would call the “general public” there.
    I specifically did not say “world class”, because with no French, Italians, Russians, Germans, Hungarians or South Koreans, It’s not exactly a high level tournament.

  • mauser 98

    another Premier Strapon disaster….$billion over budget and missing files next

  • jayme

    This time last year people said the games will be sold out by june 2015 last time I checked 200,000 out of 1 ,2 million tickets were sold that can’t be good.