“There are places where women are already shriveled at age 27”

Russian Official Stirs Scandal With Underage Marriage And ‘Shriveled’ Women Remarks

The man tasked by the Kremlin with protecting Russia’s children has riled his critics by defending marriages between adults and minors, adding that some women look “shriveled” by the time they’re 27 years old.

According to Russian law, the minimum legal age to marry is 18. However, Pavel Astakhov, President Vladimir Putin’s ombudsman for children’s rights, noted in a May 14 radio interview that “in exceptional situations” the law allows for the minimum marrying age to be “established by regional authorities.”

  • Remember- Putin’s Russia will lead the West away from the decadence of Obama’s America.

  • Frau Katze

    Islam strikes again.

    As RFE/RL’s Russian Service notes, Astakhov’s comments came amid a murky story involving a purported pending marriage between a 17-year-old girl from Russia’s mainly Muslim republic of Chechnya, in the North Caucasus, and a local police chief who is reportedly either in his 40s or 50s.

    The independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported last month that the girl appealed to its reporter, Yelena Milashina, who wrote that the police chief threatened to kidnap the girl if her parents did not bless the union.

    On May 12, the girl gave an interview to the tabloid-style news site LifeNews, which is believed to have close ties to the Kremlin, saying she planned to willingly marry the police chief.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If I want a 14-year-old I can just go to Tijuana.
    If that’s too old, then I have to go further south to the southern end of Baja.
    If you are engaged, then the age drops to twelve.
    Yes, you can marry at age 12 in some parts of Mexico.

  • Women become ‘shrivelled’ early by being intensely sexually abused and exploited like an object. A life of virtue and moderation always results in a fresh and healthy-looking body.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      What good’s a “fresh and healthy

      • El Martyachi

        … -looking body if you’re just gonna waste it on virtue and moderation.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Yeah that!
          My iPad went funky and I wandered off without coming back to fix it.

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            iPad? I thought you were straight?

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            I normally only use it for gay porn, but otherwise I’m totally straight.

            I have been using a iPad for all this month as my sole access to the Internet, due to a very improbible chain of events that killed my internet gateway that AT&T couldn’t resolve after two weeks, and so I changed cable companies.
            The whole situation sucked mightily.
            Occasionally iPads are nice, depending on circumstances, but I’ll be happy to get back to a PC within the next day or so.
            If you are traveling, nothing beats an iPad.

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            I don’t know how techy you are so sorry if this is old hat, but there’s a mobile hotspot function on some smartphones that’ll work in a pinch when your main pipe goes down.

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            I’m pretty knowledgeable, but I don’t use cellphones or even smart phones, for anything. I haven’t owned a cellphone since 2001, and I have never sent or received a text message on a cell phone in my life; my iPad is WiFi only.
            That blows my kids’ minds.
            If I’m not home, I don’t need to be talking on the phone. I’ll check the caller I.D. when I get home.

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            I wished my life were that exciting. Well, maybe I don’t.
            Depends on the day you ask me, I guess.