Taliban justify killing foreigners after Kabul guesthouse siege

KABUL: The Afghan Taliban justified targeting foreigners after a brazen hours-long siege on a Kabul guesthouse that killed 14 people, saying people from “invading countries” do not count as civilians.

Four Indians, two Pakistanis, an American, an Italian and a British-Afghan dual national were among those killed in Wednesday’s attack on Park Palace, located in downtown Kabul and popular with international aid agency workers.

“Every foreigner from an invading country especially NATO is considered an invader. We don’t classify any of them as civilian,” Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said in a Twitter posting on Friday…

  • Doug Kursk

    All that is required is that you are a non Muslim. Then you pull the trigger.

    Why is this so hard to understand?


    • AlanUK

      That ain’t necessarily so. Are you the right kind of Muslim? Sunni / Shia / Ahmadi and sub-cults within each come to mind.
      The simplest way is to kill the lot – after all, “Allah knows His own …”

      • Kaye

        One of the passages that the apologists like to quote says something about how wrong it is to kill anyone – but they generally leave out the part that qualifies this as referring only to the “innocent”.
        This gives them carte blanche to murder in Allah’s name as they please simply by labeling anyone as a non-innocent (infidels, apostates, members of another islamic sect, those who don’t frequent the mosque enough, those who look at you funny, etc.)

  • Gary

    What sane person would want to live Under islamic rule when the whole Earth is one big islamic hell-hole with homicidal maniacs looking for people to kill.
    They can’t kill 6,000,000,000 of us, and they can’t get all 6,000,000,000 to be that stupid to convert to this 8th century death-cult.

  • bob e

    are a foreigner if you are an islamic fighter from .. iran, tajikistan,
    turkmenistan or sodomistan ??

    • tom_billesley

      if you’re a foreigner you have to prove yourself by strapping on a bomb and killing some kuffar. Then you’re fully accepted.

  • Jay Currie

    The brilliant part of Islamic radicalism is that is hangs together. There are no exceptions. Here to help us, you die. Here to understand us, you die.

    These are people who know their truth and are entirely comfortable killing to enforce it.

    It is going to take the Christian West a while to admire and emulate the beauty of such clear thought.

    • Petey

      And it may be the only way to defeat them – by becoming as simple-mindedly vicious and murderous. But what will our societies become as a result of such a transformation (it’s hard to imagine that we could just “turn it off” after our brutality had served its purpose)?

      • Doug Kursk

        I suggest that it was successfully done by GB for hundreds of years…you do not garner and hold empires by playing nice.

        The capacity for the west to engage in prolonged brutality is immense, It is the willingness to shake off the cobwebs and begin that process that is in short supply.

  • canminuteman

    Based on their mentality, and I am sure it is shared to some extent by all muzzies, moderate or otherwise, why do we let any muzzies into our country? We will need to follow their lead and treat all muzzies as invaders.