Some Christians Object to Our Muhammad Cartoon Contest. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Franklin Graham articulated what many Christians (and others) are thinking about the now-notorious Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest that Pamela Geller and I organized in Garland, Texas, and that was attacked by jihadis: “The organizers of the cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, had the constitutional right to do what they did—but just because we have the ‘right’ to do something doesn’t make it right! As a Christian I’m offended when people mock my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Muslims are offended when people mock their faith. I disagree with Islam. But just because I disagree, I’m not going to mock them or resort to violence. We need to show respect to people of other races and beliefs. What happened to civility and respect?”

  • Maggat

    He is NOT articulating for me.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Who was it that recently said: “trust no one”?

  • Brett_McS

    If they made an effort to learn about Islam they would realize that it warrants not even the slightest amount of respect – quite the contrary.

    But no, they blather on in their wilful ignorance.

  • DMB

    The Michael Coren’s of this world do not represent me. As soon Muslims stop persecuting non Muslims on mass and making excuses for them is when we no longer need to mock their prophet.

  • BillyHW

    Michael Coren could learn a lot from Robert Spencer.

  • Muslims are offended by anything. One’s belief in Christ offends them. Are Christians prepared to do away with hat?

    • mobuyus

      Your very shadow offends them.

  • mobuyus

    Giving unearned respect is ass kissing of pornographic proportions.

  • Gary

    The silent muslims are like the muslims in the Kenya Mall slaughter that sat on the sideline to see who would win , so once the Terrorists had the power and were going to shoot non-muslims they jumped at the chance to leave as Muslims so the infidels would be killed .
    Do you really trust a Muslim Cop in Canada if Islamists go on a shooting spree in a Mall and they give the Cop the chance to leave as a Muslim. Look at the Charlie Hebdo killings, the Muslim Cop on the ground with a injury told the Jihadists he was a muslim as if to be spared .
    Yet, muslims boasted about how the Muslim cop was a victim too in Paris as if to take credit for the disaster.