Savage: ‘What could happen’ with radical Islam

It’s about a plot to blow up Mecca, but Michael Savage explains his new thriller isn’t what you might think.

To mark the publication of “Countdown to Mecca,” Savage told WND that, in fact, the book is about renegade generals who plot to destroy the Muslim holy site but who are opposed by hero Jack Hatfield.

It’s a work of fiction, but Savage notes that the book “shows what could happen, given the militancy of radical Islam and the passivity of Barack Obama.”


  • Justin St.Denis

    Before bombing Mecca off the face of the Earth, build an aircraft which looks exactly like their sacred islamic black cube. Remember that illiteracy rules in the ME. I will let you use your imaginations to figure out where I am going with this. 😉

    • I like it!

      • Justin St.Denis

        Great basis for a novel, huh? Wish I could write one. But it’s not in my wheelhouse. 🙁

  • Frau Katze

    So what’s the author’s p.o.v.? I’ll check Amazon for reader reviews.

  • bob e

    does the novel come with ear plugs ..?? he is a very smart man,
    but i can’t handle the constant yelling on his radio show. all these
    alleged anti islam celebs are the same .. bomb mecca.?? a desert shit hole with a black box. the saudi’s destroyed freedom along with
    the world trade center, cost america & the west trillions upon trillions of dollars in new security (tsa airport screeners) for the rest of the west’s existence. .. nuke mecca ..?? sure .

    i got a much better idea ..