Saudia Arabia: ‘Jinns’ cause mass absence at school

A total of 181 elementary and middle school students of Al-Shalail Village girls’ school in southern Madinah refused to attend classes on Wednesday and Thursday after nine students claimed jinns had made them sick.

The Department of Education in the region had sent a team to investigate the claims, according to a report in a local publication.

Sources said the students had fainted and experienced spasms at the start of the second semester, prompting many parents to believe jinns were present at the school.

With many not attending classes, teachers have not been able to issue grades or get examinations under way. The school was also not safe for teaching, sources claimed.

The education department in the region has been working with the school administration to find ways for students to write their examinations.

  • Mal

    The jinns ate my homework.

  • Send in the jinn-buster, the king’s executioner and his lightening quick scimitar – off with their heads.

    • Mal

      Snickersnee, etc…
      I think you’re onto something, Ann. There’s a newly discovered Gilbert & Sullivan operetta in there somewhere.

  • How is Saudi Arabia even a country?

  • eMan14

    Jin Jiminy
    Jin Jiminy
    Jin Jin cher-ee
    A sweep is as lucky
    As lucky can be
    Sorry… wrong song. But the students could use a Mary Poppins

  • marty_p

    How do they know it wasn’t shape shifting Joos?