‘Myseum’ of Toronto celebrates Toronto’s history, diversity and culture

IMG_3759Gary Sioux performs an aboriginal ceremony on Monday at the opening of the Myseum.

A new concept is expected to see an official Toronto museum succeed where previous attempts at creating a city-themed museum have fallen short.

Dubbed the Myseum of Toronto, the unconventional concept will celebrate the city’s history, diversity, culture, people and places, highlighting stories from the past and visions of the future. Instead of having a bricks-and-mortar location, it will be largely digital, with pop-up events taking place throughout the GTA to bring the Myseum to different communities.

The Myseum of Toronto concept was unveiled at a launch ceremony at the St. James Cathedral Centre on Church Street Monday, May 11.

“As an immigrant to Toronto in the 1980s, I’ve been struck by the diversity and wonderful dynamism that is Toronto,” said Diane Blake, founder and chair of the board for the Myseum. “My husband, Stephen, and I wanted to give back to the city that has been so great to us and our family so we decided on bringing the idea of a museum of Toronto to life”…

  • Surele Surele


    • Frau Katze

      You don’t want to “celebrate diversity”?

      • Surele Surele

        I am diverse pretty much just by my little, tiny self.

      • eMan14

        Diversity is Divisive.

  • ntt1

    not a white face to be seen, Toronto was all built by diverse Canadians apparently.

  • Edubeat

    And no sign of the Leafs very latest Stanley Cup!

  • Just another Indian money-sucking black hole. I bet it will end up as an important project of the City Hall leftards and homos, fully funded by the taxpayers.

    • Gary

      I’m of aboriginal background and it make me sick too as these weasels vacuum funds from grants to help his band , or when I see the career victims using guilt to get people to give them money and have no plans to be self-reliant with some respect for them self.
      My father served in WW2 and did what ever job he could get after the war and never whined about 1930’s Canada for natives or how he’s owed a living. His family has farm land and sell what the grow or raise, their area didn’t have that much electricity in the 1920’s and his father’s house has a huge stone fire place he built for the cold winters in Canada.

      i do get a bit of a laugh when Carribean Blacks with heavy accents whine about racism in canada and talks about 400 years of slavery by the whites.
      I read a Stats -Can piece where it said that 90% of the Blacks in canada weren’t here prior to 1970, so how the hell do these recent Blacks get to lay claim to oppression when just 10% on Blacks might have a link to some slaves that fled to canada.
      Blacks and muslims are now the Invaders wanting to impose their cultures on people.

  • Gary

    No doubt the Politicians made sure the various displayed had the language for each group and the Signs had a template script that Muslims build Canada, jamaicans built Canada, somali’s build Canada , Mexicans build Canada, greeks, japanese, Nigerians , midgets, gays, women, atheists and every other group that has their ID inserted at the start of the Info Plate.
    It’s no longer acceptable to hurt the feelings of new comers by those racists displays of white Canadians that build Canada , the new Canada is Diversity and Inclusion so don’t be fooled if the schools teach that muslims were part of D-day and that thousand’s died for Canada in Normandy on the beaches.
    Obama has already try to claim that islam was part of the founding of the USA in 1776 .

  • lolwut?

    Looks like Gary Sioux sure as fuck ain’t native…