Justin Trudeau hesitant to describe Omar Khadr as ‘terrorist’

The radio host had to ask him a couple of times, but Justin Trudeau eventually agreed to refer to Omar Khadr as “a convicted terrorist.”

  • Clink9

    Prince Turdeau must think of him as a freedom fighter.

    • Blazingcatfur

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  • BillyHW

    Wait, is the Canadian judicial system supposed to protect me if I go and kill people in foreign countries? What?

  • Nothing new here.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I believe that they have different standards of Justice in Queebec and in their politicians’ attitudes towards crimes and criminality.

    • mobuyus

      You want integrity? I know guys in Quebec that can get you tons of it…right off the back of the truck.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau feels gay love for Khadr

  • Gary

    So if Khadr had killed gays and had raped women in Afghan for the Taliban , or if Paul Bernardo did his crimes outside of Canada and was brought back like Omar was……would Justin say the same thing to the Rainbow groups during PRIDE or tell the feminists the same thing that Paul and Omar are Canadians with their Charter Rights like everyone else????

    Chretien bailed out Khadr’s terrorist Father from the Pakistani Military prison which got him killed later on in another Fire fight which now means Omar dad is dead DED…..dead.
    Then Omars brothers ( Khadr Klan Kids , KKK) got in trouble during jihad and terrorism plots. The youngest Brother got shot and was wheelchair bound from it and then Canada bound for FREE health Care by these parasites on welfare.
    Paul Martin welcomed the Khadr’s back even though the Sister and Mother hated gays and said they wanted their males in the family to die in Canada as martyr’s killing Canadians here in Canada.
    So , Justin’s dad enables a death-Cult to get equal Status to a Religion by his Charter Of Rights and now Chretien and Martin embrace this Suicide-pact with islamists pouring into Canada just for votes .
    Then we had Maher Arar sue us for $400,000,000.00 because he left Canada for Tunisia to live with relatives linked to hamas and the PLO , he gets in trouble and flees for the USA but is denied entry and ends up in Jordan to meet his family for a flight back to Canada.
    Arar is grabbed by some men in Jordan that take him to this Homeland as a dual Citizen Syrain that is a Draft Dodger to face a Military trial . That’s when his Wife found idiots at the CBC to buy their big lies of Torture by the USA and being nabbed in New York and sent to Syria.
    Now Omar wants to sue us and the CBC will once again refuse to do research for the truth and shill for the Khadr’s to get them $$$ Millions from taxpayers for not bailing out his sorry a$$ fast enough as a Terrorist that killed a Medic in battle.
    Somehow i get the feeling that even if the Medic was a female of homosexual , these jackels would throw them under the bus and still embrace Omar as a cherub and victim of the USA oppression .
    One Liberal supporter told me that they back Omar because Bush got us into Afghanistan and that American’s were bombing the Khadr’s Country and killing fellow citizens and muslims.
    But Omar wasn’t in Toronto being bombed by the US , his was in another Country as an illegal soldier and terrorist out of uniform and killed a Medic

    Liberalism is a mental disorder from birth.

    • Cheryl

      Chretien should be charged for bringing these monsters into Canada. It should be mandatory that you have to live in Canada for 20 years and be employed for at least 19 of those years before you can apply for a Canadian citizenship. If we only had politicians that would grow a pair and have this put into action, then maybe we would not run into these problems.