France backs British stand to oppose migrant quotas

An illegal migrant prays beside others in Quwaiya detention center, east of Tripoli

France joined hands with Britain on Saturday in opposing a plan by the European Commission to impose quotas on member states for accepting migrants.

Paris advocated a new plan to open migrants’ reception centres in Africa. Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, said: “I am against the introduction of quotas for migrants. This has never been in keeping with French proposals.”

Mr Valls pointed out that 75 per cent of migrants are resettled in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

Under EU law, Britain, Ireland and Denmark are exempt from the EU plan.

Mr Valls was speaking in Menton, near the Italian border, where French police intercepted a record 944 migrants and arrested 54 people smugglers in four days last week. He said that France supported a new plan to open migrant reception centres in the West African state of Niger…