Toowoomba teenager, 18, suspected of joining fight with Al-Nusra Front in Syria

aussie teenTHE family of a Queensland teenager who has reportedly fled to the Middle East to allegedly join al-Qa’ida-linked Al-Nusra Front in Syria have issued a public statement.

The parents, who have not been named, said they had no indication that the teenager was making plans to travel to the Middle East.

“However we now know that he is probably there,” the statement reads.

“We do not believe he is participating in fighting of any kind, nor do we believe he is supporting or participating in terrorist acts.

  • pop

    Firstly, this idiot comes from regional Toowoomba.

    Secondly, he’s an adult. He knows what he wants.

  • The_Infidel_01

    There is a mosque in Toowoomba that was firebombed not long ago if I remember rightly. Seems it was a pre-emptive strike.

  • This is a perfect example of how Islam works.

    Take a fool who know nothing about Islam.

    Indoctrinate him with Islamic theology.

    Bingo. A small percentage will believe the Islamic theological calls for violence.

    Unfortunately the number of believing fools is high enough to create the hell hole called Islam.

    Without reformation of Islamic texts, the process will continue.

    • The_Infidel_01

      Which would mean removing around about 80% of the Islamic texts.