Southwest Airlines passenger says flight crew wouldn’t let her call suicidal husband

TORONTO – A Southwest Airlines passenger said flight crews prevented her from making an emergency call to her husband after receiving a text that he was about to commit suicide.

Karen Momsen-Evers was heading from New Orleans to her home in Milwaukee when she received an alarming text from her husband just before takeoff.

“I started shaking the minute I got the text and I was panicked, I didn’t know what to do,” Momsen-Evers told NBC-affiliate WTMJ. “The steward slapped the phone down and said you need to go on airplane mode now.”

…When Momsen-Evers arrived home she was met by police who told her that her husband, Andy, was dead.

h/t The Grey Lady at SDA

  • cmh

    blame anybody but the husband…. LOL

    • Yeah, it is really hilarious that the guy killed himself, but don’t you think the airline could have let her make a wee phone call? I think that would have been nice.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The rules must always be followed!!!
        NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

        I love stories like these because all of the closet fascists and control freaks come out of the woodworks.

        It’s a dumb and obsolete rule from almost 50-years ago, and modern no cell phone or any consumer electronic device affects and nav or communication instruments on modern airliners.
        Think of all of the people making calls all arround the airplane that are not flying.
        Idiots all.

  • El Martyachi

    So… steward is allowed again? We don’t have to keep using flight attendant? How about stewardess? Probably pushing my luck there…

    And nobody has any common sense about anything anymore, at all, ever.. part 124,833. It’s all about the rules now.. rules reflecting the lack of sense..

  • tom_billesley

    Too much deference to idiots.
    Why didn’t she just make the call in the toilet?

  • dukestreet

    She should have started by telling them it was a real emergency and they needed to hold the flight, so she could call the police. Flights are held for all kinds of reasons and the cost to stay on the gate long enough for the cops to be called, would be minimal in comparison to some of the reasons flights leave the gate late. She should sue the flight attendant and the airline.