Skanky Dressed Teens Are Canada’s Latest Victim Group According To The CBC

Ontario principal advised students not to dress ‘skanky’

A high school principal from Guelph, Ont., says he was simply trying to send a “strong message” about dressing appropriately when he used the word “skanky” to describe what type of style students should be avoiding.

Scot Bishop, the principal of Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute, reportedly used the word during a public address last week.

Student Brittany Harlick says that it was hard to believe the words coming out of the principal’s mouth last Friday.

“At first, many of us thought we had heard him wrong because it was fairly shocking,” she told CBC News in an interview.

“He said to … dress cool, not skanky.”

The word skanky means “unattractive or disgusting,” or that’s the way it is defined in the online version of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.


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