Silicon Valley to Americans: Drop Dead

Silicon Valley oligarchs come to the immigration debate with considerable advantages. Aside from the obvious giant bags of money, there’s the perception (often correct) that they’re wizards responsible for breathtaking innovation and economic growth.

So when they say they need ever-greater numbers of indentured code-jockeys from abroad because there aren’t not enough Americans available, they’re taken seriously (even though the real motivation is simply cheap labor).

This gullibility is all the more prevalent in Congress, many of whose members don’t even know how to turn their computers on (let alone send e-mail).

But the Silicon Valley oligarchs also have a disadvantage: the inability to hide their contempt for American workers.

Joe Green, for instance, at the time head of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s anti-borders lobbying group, said last year that foreign workers were simply better than Americans…