Hypocritical outrage over ‘graphic’ pro-life flyers: March for Life

How dare this activist group show me exactly what I support! I’m offended! How dare you confront me so forcefully with the very thing I condone!

  • Glenfilthie

    For the progressive/liberal narrative to hold, it is critical to sanitize and whitewash unethical aspects of their behaviour. Didn’t the scum in our Supreme Court recently rule that truth can be construed as hate speech if it offends stupid people? Double standards are the hallmarks of liberals and morons.

    I personally break with my fellow conservatives on abortion and actively support it, even with the gory pics. If morons like Warren Kinsella and Turdo La Doo have ready access to abortion for women stupid enough to mate with them…perhaps more liberals will abort their children and avoid the same mistake their parents made! HAR HAR HAR!!!

    • Bert_1

      For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone can support abortion. As those pictures show, the tiny bodies are torn apart and discarded. How can you condone such barbarity?

      • Glenfilthie

        I am a merciless pragmatist, Bert. There are too many of us in the world today. Too many mouths, too many idiots, too many people having kids they can’t provide for or take care of. Ultimately we need to cull and curb our population or nature will do it for us – in a much more horrifying and brutal fashion.
        I can look at that picture and confront it for what it is, and acknowledge the filthiness of the act while still understanding the necessity for it in many cases. The liberals can’t – they are ruled by emotion rather than logic…which, I suppose, supports your view rather than mine.

        • Bert_1

          I’ve never felt comfortable playing the part of God. The earth has proven time and time again that it can handle the population. Besides, if you left such decisions up to me, I would most likely kill the geniuses and gifted people while letting the vermin live. No thanks.

          Abortion is never necessary from what I understand. And, as a former abortionist testified to the US Congress, it usually can’t help anyway. If a pregnant woman is suffering from some life threatening condition, it would take too long to prep her for an abortion (up to 3 days). She would be dead before the abortion could be performed.

          I am also pragmatic. I see abortion for what it is – murder. I cannot be a party to murder so I can’t support abortion. That isn’t an emotional response.

          • Glenfilthie

            Indeed. Perhaps not an emotional response – but an ill informed one. Nature invariably handles overpopulation with a brutal, massive cull. We see this daily in Africa. We will see it here as swarms of third world human trash establish a foot hold in our countries.
            I agree with what you say about playing at being gods – but that is exactly where our technology is pushing us. Mark my words, we will see genetically engineerd and enhanced human beings by the end of the century. There is no escaping the future; we can man up to our impending godly powers and responsibilities…and face them – or flee from them like children refusing to grow up.
            I acknowledge your right to follow your conscience but reject your insistence that I follow it too. My arguments are as valid as yours, and we all live and die on the whims of fate. Given what liberals consider parenting to be – death is actually an attractive option in more cases than not.

          • Bert_1

            I didn’t insist that you follow my conscience. I was just pointing out where I stand and that I cannot get past the fact that abortion involves the murder of innocent children. Regardless of how close WestJet put the seats in their aircraft, human beings are bot cattle. Human lives matter.

        • Minicapt

          Not pragmatic enough, much like Prof Singer at Princeton.


    • WalterBannon

      thumbs up withheld due to second paragraph

      I used to accept the “right” to abortions, until I became more informed. It has nothing to do with being Christian either, as I am an atheist. It has to do with being human and humane.

      • Glenfilthie

        There are times, Walter, when cruelty is kindness. I believe in consentual euthanasia too. There are times when life is a curse – and emotions only make doing what is necessary more difficult.
        I fully respect your views and admit I may be wrong – but I would rather take a side than sit on the fence on this issue.

    • We can hope;)

  • ontario john

    And there are very few voices of conservative Christians in the media. Even former conservative Christians have jumped on the liberal bandwagon. We now have born again liberal Anglican Michael Coren giving a rant in the Winnipeg Free Press denouncing pro-lifers, and denouncing conservative Christians for being homophobic, climate change deniers, picking on Wynne, and the most strange statement that conservative Christians are anti-vaccine.

    • Micky C.

      I just read Coren May 1st interview at the NP. I have to say I’m totally heart broken over his lack of faith. Was a fan of his for years when he was on CFRB, CTS and SNN. Geeze, why doesn’t he just get it over with become an atheist, I’m sure the ceeb would snatch him up in an instant.

      • Bert_1

        I agree. I was floored when I started reading some of his stuff from about a year before SNN went down.

    • It doesn’t seem that he has any principles or moral convictions. He adjusts his principles according to the views of the highest payer, but he is not unique – he is an indication of the pathetic state of the Canadian journalism.

  • Is the entirety of Canada a “safe space” now?

    Let’s look at things that bother us- genocide victims, Mohammad, abortion- and then deal with them.

    Enough of this denial bullsh–.

  • Gaian

    Perhaps we should start passing this out to everyone, especially school age children
    and religious hypocrites: