Expert Warns Government Of Danger Posed By Muslim Brotherhood Groups Like National Council Of Canadian Muslims

Authorities should be concerned about the unseen hand of the Muslim Brotherhood gripping sections of Canada’s diverse Muslim community, says a U.S. security expert.

The movement has planted its revivalist interpretation of Islam, political ideology and activism among some Muslims here and sees itself as a minder and broker between them and the rest of society, Lorenzo Vidino, who specializes in Islamism and political violence, told the Senate’s national security committee recently.

“They basically aim to be the gatekeepers to Muslim communities, that whenever politicians, governments or the media try to get the Muslim voice, if there were such a thing, they would go through them, sort of the self‑appointed leaders of Muslim communities,” he said.

h/t Gisele

  • ethcalibur

    ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, which is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which is of course rooted in the Koran.

  • J. C.

    No need for an ‘expert’, common sense ought to tell us that Muzzies are dangerous…

    • I can think of no Muslim nation that is not a violent failed state rife with persecution and depravity.

  • Gary

    Their old name was CAIR and they were caught in 2009 funding Hamas with their donations that were divert to a bogus islam “Charity” for Children but it was to wash the money and get it out of the USA to the Terrorists.
    The CBC used CAIR and Sheema Khan fo the moderate voice of muslims in Canada. Wow , so Ms.Khan finds Hamas a moderate islamic groups that murders gays in public along with using women and children as suicide bombers.
    Sheema Khan Jumped ship but can’t run from her ties to aiding and abetting terrorists under her watch. She also help Maher Arar in his extortion lawfare to sue canada for his harm outside of Canada while Globe-trotting and hanging around alleged Jihadists org .

    Poor CBC , first then get burned by CAIR and Con-job Khan and then Jian ends up being a typical muslim male misogynist that beat up non-muslim White females as a racist too.

    • It’s ridiculous how the NCCM and CAIR have been allowed to insinuate themselves into the public fabric thank to the useful idiots in government and media.

  • Martin B

    Warning our government about the danger posed by the Muzz is like warning a frog in a pot of water on the stove that it better hop out before it gets boiled. Actually the frog probably has more sense than our government.

  • Follow the money and kick them out.

  • Alain

    While I agree about the warning, I suggest that a more important warning would be for the need to cease importing more of these people. That is where the rubber hits the road, but no one wants to address it.

    • We will have to. If I wanted to live in Europe I would move there.

  • pdxnag

    Folks like CAIR act like they represent all Muslims, as if they were the official embassy staff of the openly hostile Islamic State within a state. They may seem harmless, but only during the pre-violent stage of conquest.

    Civil rights to Muslims is rather supremacist rights.

  • cmh

    Here’s our senate Security Committee hard at work… working hard to discredit experts on Islam and put all Canadian citizens lives at risk, and erode our way of life.