EXCLUSIVE: Why ‘whistleblower’ Dr. John O’Connor was fired

Fort Chipewyan, Alberta doctor John O’Connor became something of a progressive “green” hero after he claimed that the high number of cancer rates in his community was tied to the oil sands.

After he was fired, the media tried to link his dismissal to his role as a “whistleblower.”

  • just a thought

    Fascinating. But I wonder why elevated cancer rates aren’t seen in any other similar locations. Industry suppression of the facts? Yeah, must be that.

  • tom_billesley

    John O’Connor. Without the “O'”, Skynet would be after him.

  • How embarrassing for all concerned.

  • ntt1

    He wears a peter Newman Greek fisherman cap, a preserve of the worst communistic zealots

  • Alain

    Being fired for lying, incompetence and fraud is reason enough.

  • Everyone Else

    What do we know about emoluments received from Greenpeace? Was this a case of a misguided would-be do-gooder blinded by confirmation bias, or a mercenary out to maximize personal income?