Cute pic of the day

A tiny donkey is dwarfed by resident shire horse Buster at the Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor, Devon


  • Cuteness… to much….

  • I want a donkey!

    • Alain

      I used to raise donkeys among other things back east and can confirm that they are indeed very intelligent animals. I also love horses and used to have a team of draft horses for most of the farm work. It was such a pleasure to use them with a mower when you could hear birds singing and the only other sound was the almost silent one of the mower. Of course I also had a tractor to do other things, but working with the horses meant no loud noises, no diesel fumes and vibration. I miss those days.

  • Maggat

    Hung like a horse definitely has meaning.

    • Frau Katze

      That’s a huge horse.

      • Or maybe the donkey is just very, very tiny.

        • Alain

          It is a miniature just as they now have miniature horses.

  • simus1

    Most donkeys have brains.
    Horses not so much.

    • Alain

      I disgree having had both, but they are different animals and react differently. If a horse gets its foot caught in a fence, it does tend to panic making the situation a lot worse. A donkey from my experience will not panic and tries to think it through. I had this happen with a jenny (female donkey) and she called and waited for me to come release her. Most horses would not have reacted this way. However I do not think it means one is more or less intelligent than the other, they are just wired differently.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m reminded that after WW1 the US sent to Europe thousands of Missouri mules to make up for all the animals that were destroyed. But a Missouri mule is about twice the size of a European mule and the farmers could not control them. Many had to be destroyed or sent back to America.

    • Blacksmith

      Missouri mules can be big and extremely hard headed.

  • Blacksmith

    So a 1/8 horsepower and about a 10 hp model side by side for comparison?