Clintons Received More Than $25 Million From Speeches Since January 2014

WASHINGTON—Hillary and Bill Clinton earned more than $25 million in the past year and a half from delivering more than 100 paid speeches, and Mrs. Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, collected more than $5 million from her book “Hard Choices,” a campaign official said Friday.

The Clinton campaign released the figures Friday on the same day it filed a personal financial-disclosure statement required by the Federal Election Commission. That level of income would place the Clintons in at least the top 0.1% of the population.

The sizable earnings by the Clinton family after Mrs. Clinton left the State Department is likely to refocus attention on the couple’s wealth, at a time when she is positioning herself as a champion of struggling middle class families.

Earlier in May, Mr. Clinton, the 42nd president, defended his decision to continue to give paid speeches. “I gotta pay our bills,” he told NBC News. “I work hard at this. I spend hours a day just doing the research. People like to hear me speak.”

The information provided by the campaign early Friday evening was a preview of the full financial disclosure and didn’t include the Clinton family’s total assets and liabilities.

  • Brett_McS

    As is the case with all Presidents, Bill’s after-Presidency speech circuit earnings dropped quickly with time. Then some years later his wife became Secretary of State and suddenly they blossomed again! I guess people suddenly remembered that they just like to hear him speak.

  • eMan14

    That’s like $250,000 per speech!
    And Bill says “I gotta pay our bills”. Does that include payouts?
    And Hilary get’s $5 million for her book… $25 for book sales, the rest upfront. Hard choices indeed.
    Yet didn’t Hilary some time ago claim they were poor? Geez… If I were only that poor.

  • Hard Little Machine

    President Catherine the Great.

  • BillyHW

    But they sure do know what it’s like to be dead broke and sitting in a mansion.