Where’s Wynne on rising hydro rates?

The question is simple. It was asked by 200 protesters at Queen’s Park Wednesday on behalf of millions of Ontarians who want to know the answer.

What is Premier Kathleen Wynne going to do about skyrocketing electricity rates caused by Liberal incompetence on the hydro file?

Right now, Ontarians are caught in the middle of a 42% jump in hydro rates from 2014 to 2018 that is driving up to 700,000 low-income households into energy poverty, where families spend at least 10% of their income simply powering their homes.

Industrial hydro users face a 33% hike, partly responsible for the loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs.

  • Wynne is going to do nothing about high rates.

    That is why Liberal voters voted for her.

    • Waffle

      The increase in rates is”salting the ground” for the imminent “sale” of Hydro. What really disgusts me is the total lack of ethics of the Bay Street whores — they’d sell their own mothers for a buck.

      • You mean they haven’t already?

        • Waffle

          They haven’t finished doctoring the numbers for the Offering Memorandum.

        • Waffle

          I think I might have misread you — were you referring to them selling their mothers?

  • ontario john

    She is too busy right now on a tour in the states lecturing the Americans on sex.

  • c w

    Cry me a river, these impoverished idiots, intellectually and monetarily did not want john tory or tim hudak and I warned all of them of the future cost of their desires. Now suck it up granny and the welfare queens of Ontario. My bills might have gone up, but I turn my hydro off. I dont have a cell phone, I dont have cable tv, and I work for living and make lots. But you folks do nothing, and now you will have nothing, just because you were afraid that some kid in a private school would have his curriculum run by the province of ontario. Now you are going to get your children groomed for perversion by the a different set of folks who are now going into your pockets to steal your money. You have served up not only your cash, but your children, and I did warn you.

    • Clink9

      Sounds like a sage, soothsayer or seer.

  • Frau Katze

    BC Hydro has effectively raised rates with new smart meters. The rate goes up as you use more. Suddenly, my winter bills doubled.

    • Jay Currie

      Well, actually, you get a certain amount at a base price and more costs extra. Eventually the whole thing will be time of day sensitive and running your dryer at three in the morning will make sense. And, to be fair, because 95% of our electricity is hydro we have been spared the crazy windmills which are crushing the dolls in Ontario. Not even out eco loons can manage an argument for windmills to save the planet when we get our power from rain.

      • Frau Katze

        I understand that the West Coast of Vancouver Island is very windy and would be a prime spot for wind power. If we happened to need it.

        • Jay Currie

          A lot windier than Lake Ontario…if we happened to need it. I would much rather have a few modern nukes…But we’re getting Site C and that will pretty much see us out

  • mauser 98

    Premier Strapon said ” i hope hydro rates don’t go up”