The venal corruption of the political class

Corruption runs riot in the political classes in the U.S. (and Britain and the wider West too). They think it’s normal, and that they’ll get away with it. So far they have every reason to be confident. So far… But the more people know, the more it will change

In the past week, I’ve written two columns (here and here) extolling the benefits of federalism. So I now feel compelled to warn that my support for decentralization is not motivated by some Pollyannish view of sub-national governments.

State and local government officials are perfectly capable of adopting policies that lead to the absurd waste of taxpayer money and grotesque abuse of citizens.

And they also are just as proficient at sleaze as their cousins in Washington.

Politico has a sobering report on pervasive state-level corruption. They start with a rundown of what’s been happening with the criminal class in the Empire State.