Scotland: Sturgeon threatens 2nd referendum, despite receiving £1600 per head annually from general UK funds

The Daily Mail reports today:

Nicola Sturgeon will warn David Cameron tomorrow that he will face further calls for a second independence referendum if he continues to ‘ignore the voice of the Scottish people’.

The First Minister is expected to confront the Prime Minister in face-to-face talks and will argue that he has ‘no mandate’ in Scotland.

In a show of defiance, she will set out a list of demands her army of new MPs will make at Westminster, including an end to austerity and more power for Holyrood [location of the Scottish parliament]

At the top of the list of further devolution will be employment policy, the minimum wage, welfare, business taxes, national insurance and equality policy, going far beyond the post referendum Smith Commission agreement to which the SNP signed up.

Note a report from DM on May 12:

Senior Conservatives are urging David Cameron to ‘call the SNP’s bluff’ by giving Scotland complete financial independence.

Cabinet sources say the newly re-elected Prime Minister should hand Nicola Sturgeon the full control of tax and spending that she insists she wants…

…The so-called Barnett Formula, which gives Scots an annual subsidy of around £1,600 per head, would end and some experts have warned that fiscal autonomy could leave an immediate £8 billion-a-year black hole in Scotland’s finances.

She wants to have her cake and eat it too. Kick them out.

This is ridiculous: The SNP received 4.7% of the UK vote overall. Because they are geographically concentrated, this gave them 56 seats in the UK Parliament.

UKIP received over 12% of the vote yet won just one seat. I think the UK’s political system is broken.

(See Wikipedia for election results).  And a big thanks to my three grandparents from the Highlands who left for Canada before WW I.