New Canadian Terror Database: Naked Doukhabors a bigger threat than jihadis

Partially naked Doukhabors in the 1960s. More explicit photos (rather grainy) can be seen by searching for ‘naked Doukhabors’.

A Canadian database launched on Thursday will break down the motivation and geography of violent attacks to help lawmakers craft more targeted policies to combat extremism, the site’s developer said.

The Canadian Incident Database was unveiled a week after Canada’s Conservative government approved Bill C-51, anti-terror legislation that expands the powers of the country’s police and intelligence agencies in the wake of two attacks in 2014 that brought an international war on terrorism to Canadian soil.

“What is important about the database is that it puts terrorism violence in perspective,” said James Ellis, who oversaw the project developed through the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society.

“Over the past 55 years, we’ve seen terrorism come from a variety of sectors. It hasn’t been monopolized by just one group,” he said.

Canadian Muslims have said they have been unfairly tarnished by the media and by the government following the attacks last year on two Canadian soldiers in Ottawa and Montreal by Islamic extremists who had converted to the faith.

The database, which was put together with five university partners, compiled 1,815 incidents of terrorism and extremism between 1960 and 2014 that occurred either on Canadian soil or had a Canadian connection abroad…

Before you visit the Canucki terror data base check out this list of Muslim Terror Attacks for the months  January thru April of 2015. Be prepared for a long scroll to get to the end.

The link takes you to the main page. From there, I clicked on “Search Forms” and was presented with a list of incidents from 1960 involving Doukhabors in BC.

I vaguely recall hearing about them when I was a child.  They were a bizarre sect from Russia. Some of them settled in the Kootenays of BC. I remember that they liked to parade naked and start fires.   Many younger or non-Canadian readers have likely never heard of them.

However, there is a slight difference between Doukhabors and jihadis: it was a tiny, crazy sect that caused trouble for several years but has not been heard from in decades.

I do not need to tell the readers of this site how widespread jihadi terror is, that it has been going for 1400 years and that it shows no sign of let-up.

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On the “About” page, it says:

In December 2013, Public Safety Canada and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) awarded TSAS funding from the National Security Data Initiative (NSDI) of the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) to develop the CIDB.

The NSDI is overseen by representatives of Public Safety, RCMP, CSC, FINTRAC and Statistics Canada.

The purpose of the CIDB is to provide unclassified information to national security researchers, which can be used to identify patterns and trends in order to improve our understanding of terrorism and extremist crime in Canada.

Well, they’ve got the Doukhabors nailed. Any signs of resurgence and the police will quickly act.